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Snake Island - A Challenging 3D Puzzle


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Play Snake Island: https://www.pirongames.com/snake-island/play/

Snake Island a 3D puzzle game, where the goal is to guide the snake to eat the fruit.

It's my 25th browser game released as a solo developer, so YAY! Cake and champagne for everyone!

For the mechanics and puzzles, I've drawn inspiration from various games like Lime Rick and Sokoban 3D.

There are 20 levels available for now. Maybe more to come, if the game gains some attention.

There's some room for improvement, like an undo system and better snake head highlighting behind obstacles.

Developed in Unity (WebGL export), Inkscape for 2D graphics, uses Cube World/Proto Series assets pack. Additional 3D modelling/texturing was done using Probuilder.

Thanks for playing and thank you in advance for the feedback!

Game-play video and screenshots:





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released version 1.0.2, which contains a couple of improvements:

  • replaced the D-Pad with a 3D compass, this should help when using the on-screen controls for navigation;
  • added an Undo system with 10 Undo's per level;
  • reworked the reward system for level, you now get the gold star if you manage to complete a level without using Undo;
  • fixed level 8 for trivial solution;
  • replaced the water shader, but there still seems to be an issue with the foam on mobile browsers.



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