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Quality Gameplay vs. Graphics


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You would actually need both - good gameplay AND good graphics ;)


I believe well selling a product, what it looks like is way more important than how it works :)  It's pretty universal, but I agree, as ethical developers it's our job to not hide simple gameplay behind amazing graphics ;)

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graphics has to suit the game, which doesn't mean it has to be good.


I think I know what you mean, but perhaps the sentence was written imprecisely in English.  By "good" I essentially mean "matches the play and style of the game".


So I absolutely agree with you, if I interpreted that correctly.

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Often I think this is an unnecessary debate. It's a bit like asking a writer if grammar or story-telling are more important for a successful book. I think we can all agree that a book without either is a painful read. People don't play ugly games, but they also don't play boring games. Competent developers acquire skills in both realms.

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