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Looking to license mobile browser games (non-exec basis, puzzle, logic and arcade genres)


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Update: We've now finished licensing games for this client - thank you everyone who sent your games in


Hi all,


We're in the position of trying to help a client of ours beef-up their offering of games on their web site and in their mobile app (so the game will be served via a WebView within their container).


We need both intelligent / logical / strategic games and a few arcade flavour games as well.


The logic games could cover anything really, but the pressure (from the games point of view) must be based on solving a puzzle rather than beating a clock or having fast reactions. Chess puzzles, card games, strategy games, "brain training" style games - all of those would work, "whack-a-mole" would not.


They also need a few arcade style games as well, still mostly casual in focus, but they can be faster paced and more reaction skills based. Sports games would do well here.


The deal is a one-off payment, non-exclusive, locked to a single site / app. There's minimal API integration (start / end calls), but remember that the puzzle / logic games have to work correctly within a WebView and not grind to a halt. There's no ads, no "more games" buttons, banner / logo placements, etc. If custom changes to your game are required it would be paid for on a work-for-hire basis (please state if you cannot undertake this at all)


Interested? Please SEND ME LINKS TO YOUR GAMES (attached screen shots a bonus) [email protected] - thanks :)

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WebView is basically when an iOS app has a built-in web browser, and THAT calls your game, instead of directly in Safari. It's super-easy to test how your game will work: just launch Chrome on iOS. That uses a WebView. If it works well in Chrome on iOS, it'll work well for our needs too.


The API is trivial, just a start-game and end-game call, nothing more (that I'm aware of right now, but will confirm tomorrow)

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Thanks for the emails everyone - keep them coming :) I'm not going to reply to any of you until later this week, as I've a meeting with the client to discuss this further tomorrow. But I will respond back to everyone eventually, just give me a few days please.

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