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SFMaker - HTML5 Sound effect generator


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If anyone is interested, I made an HTML5 tool for generating sound effects a while back.  It takes inspiration from SFXR, but it is an original work.


This tool contains a bunch of parameters that can be easily tweaked to create sound effects.   There also are presets that generate a random sound with certain parameter constraints.   A common usage model is to press a preset repeatedly until you get something similar to what you are looking for, and then to make final modifications to the sound.


The audio can be exported as a WAVE file, which then should be possible to convert for usage in any situation.   The code can also be used as a library for procedural audio generation. It is possibly to fairly quickly generate a bunch of sounds, and save on bandwidth. 


The application makes use of range inputs, and so requires a browser that supports them.  Chrome is best.   Firefox Nightly works too.   Older Firefox's will not behave properly.   This only matters for the sound designer tool.   The sound generation library works in any browser with WAVE support, but the design tools requires range inputs.  


Here is the design tool:  (Use Chrome!)



And here is an introductory blog post:



That post contains example sounds that show you what types of things this can do.  Those should work in any browser with WAVE support:




As for other similar programs out there, a javascript port of SFXR is popular in HTML5 circles called JSFXR.   The most popular program of this type these days seems to be BFXR (flash), which has expanded on SFXR with a number of new features.


SFXR/BFXR and SFMaker each are better at producing certain types of sounds than the other.    The presets tend to fall in more acceptable ranges with BFXR, so there is less of a learning curve for how to produce good sounds.  BFXR also is better at making some 8-bit style sound effects.   SFMaker is designed to be easily tweakable, and the parameters effects should be be pretty clear.    The default sound in SFMaker is just a sine wave at 440hz (compared to a crazy sound in BFXR,) so it is easy to start from something plain and build up without using presets.   SFMaker also offers a "Song Mode," which allows notes to be used to guide the pitch of the sound effect.   This can be used to created little songs and jingles, complicated sounds, melodic effects, and timing repeat sounds.


I hope some of you find this useful.  If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know.

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Hiya mate! Some kind of multi-channel sequencer would be awesome but I know it is tons of work. I am familiar with this cool software since the release so I had time to do some fancy stuff - feel free to experiment with it:


Giana Sisters: http://tinyurl.com/sfmaker-gianasisters

Lazy Jones: http://tinyurl.com/lazyjones3


did some more but lost the links :)

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Hey Rezoner.   Thanks for sharing those.


Multi-sequencer would definitely be great.   I'd like to add support for MIDI as well, so that there is a standard input format for songs.  Now that the web audio API is starting to be cross-browser I feel like I should rewrite this, and I have a huge pile of features I want to see.     I think modifying graphs to change the sound (kind of like how TimelineFX lets you change particle effects) would be an amazing feature too.   I just need to find the time to do all this.  Someday...

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