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HTML5 Games // Market overview


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Hi everyone,
I'm currently trying to analyse the whole HTML5 Gaming Market (Opportunities & Threats), I'm still missing some info or sources regarding the following questions, maybe someone here around could help me :)

(1) What are you guys thoughts/feelings on HTML5 games? 

(2) HTML5 Games sourcing for Gaming Portals:
How and where can a Gaming portal find quality HTML5 content? Are there any publishers focused on that or do they have to source them themselves?

How are the deals with the publishers looking (Rev share deals? CPA/CPL? ...)

(3) The Gaming community feeling about HTML5 games:
How are HTML5 games perceived by the gamers, developers, etc.? Do they see it as an opportunity or as a threat? What issues are they facing and how could they be helped? 


(4) Are HTML5 games the easiest/cheapest way to go Mobile for a Gaming Company?


Any thoughts, sources or info would help me do not hesitate to post everything you have! :D
Thank you all in advance for you precious help!


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looks like someone is about to write a new "making games" article xD


EDIT: (4) no its not the easiest/cheapest, cause you need the right test devices (cost money) and always battle against this little babys. and every new browser, phone or OS might bring another nasty bug (just think of the samsung stock browser "feature")


the easiest for me was back when i developed for android and due to our nice engine and compiler it always worked like on windows and with native code i dont had to worry about performance :)

i also think its still easier to build games in flash but i might be wrong

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I agree with Daikrys above. For me personally, and I suspect for quite a lot of people, our involvement with HTML5 is more of a long-term investment.


It's still very, very far from being the easiest an cheapest way of making mobile games. But it's headed in that direction, and some of us are hoping it will get there soon.

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Everything is easy with right tools. Depends how fast we can get the tools. In HTML5 development, initially you would lack devices to test your game. Tell your friends about your game to see if it work on there devices until you are successful enough to test on your own devices.

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Some thoughts:


Thoughts/feelings on HTML5 games:

I think the best parts about HTML5/JS games, for me, are the low barrier to entry, accessibility for pretty much anyone with a browser, and portability. The tech isn't polished yet and there is a long way to go, but I think HTML5 games have a lot of potential and can finally start being taken seriously. I do think that it's important to continue to develop/improve porting solutions for Android, iOS, and Steam.


HTML5 games sourcing for game portals:

Not informed enough to form an opinion on this one. I do not list my games on portals and do not monetize them.


Gaming community feeling about HTML5 games:

I don't think HTML5 games are being seen as a threat. As an opportunity for some, yes, but many AAA devs still largely ignore HTML5/JS games in terms of their ability to compete with traditional technologies and C++. I've heard some say that while HTML5/JS is great for small hobby projects, others say they really dislike JS, others are pretty open to it. Nobody really views HTML5 as a threat (that I've met).


Are HTML5 easiest/cheapest:

To me it would seem so, but depends on how much time the company would need to spend to port the games successfully to various mobile platforms, sort out performance issues, etc. Going native when you know what you're doing certainly has its advantages.

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