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  1. Hi, I am harish from freakxapps. It's a season of the world cup. So, we have created the "Cricket World Cup". A super cool game based on cricket. Pick your favorite team and play some cricketing shots. You can select your team from world champions. Choose from India, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan The gameplay is simple you are going to bat against your opponent. You can play this game on our gaming portal - https://spideygames.com/game/cricketworldcup/158 Visit the link, and if you like the gam
  2. YOUTUBERS - CONTENT CREATORS Content creators on YouTube today are seeing their revenues reduce, and for some - completely vanish. This is due to the lack of advertisers. YouTube Red, is a paid subscription which allows users to pay YouTube directly to have ad-free feeds, recently had a massive change in policies which favor channels releasing a few videos a day instead of people that are making time-consuming animated videos and/or well-researched documentaries. Many YouTubers have already pleaded their cases with their subscribers and ask, most reluctantly, for donations or announce
  3. Hi, I'm looking for an arced games website with a decent amount of traffic like daily 5k visitors anyone wants to sell their website. please let me know Thanks Ali
  4. Hey guys! My name is Jesse, an indie dev from Finland. I've developed and self-published two commercial games on Steam; Silence of the Sleep and DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition. Long story short, DISTRAINT is doing pretty well. I'll share some statistics here in case some HTML5 publishers are seeing this: 2865 reviews on Steam and 94% of them are positive Over 1,3 million downloads on Google Play (Free to play with ads and IAP to remove the ads) Over 63,000 ratings on Google Play and rating 4.9 / 5.0 Editor's Choice on Google Play DISTRAINT is doing great,
  5. Hello all, My colleagues and I from the Illinois Institute of Technology are conducting a research study to develop a measure of prior videogame experience (PVGE), intended to help develop and use learning games. Currently, we are trying to link situational and dispositional factors with PVGE through an online survey to validate the new scale. Please help us with the research by participating in this brief and confidential survey, approved by the university's institutional review board. The link is provided: https://iitresearchrs.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6qZvi2oTDyXwbYN I would
  6. Hello,I’m a student at the Illinois Institute of Technology and I’m looking for your help. We are conducting an online research study to develop a measure of game experience, and we are currently looking for input from game developers on game definitions. I was hoping you would be willing to take part in the study by responding to our survey.The survey should take no more than 15 minutes of your time, and your answers to the survey are fully confidential. There is no compensation for participation. I would be more than happy to provide you further details or answer any questions on this post.T
  7. Hello everyone. As I said before on this forum, I am working on a HTML5 Gaming console + API. The feature set that I have in place at the moment is a library for clients and the game. Next to that I have created a dashboard for the console in which games can be selected. The game-view is then loaded into the dashboard window. I also created a client to control the console dashboard (users can open this client on their phone). If a game is selected, the game player view is loaded into the client. The setup uses sockets and emitters to send events from and to the game and clients. I also ha
  8. Hello everyone. I am new to this forum so first of all, hello everyone! I have been working on a new local gaming platform this weekend and would like your feedback. I would be happy with technical input but also with input about the idea or what you would like to see to use this platform. The idea of this platform is that people can use their mobile phone to control the player in their game which is being displayed on a computer monitor or a television. In the current state, the project is still not stable but the basics work. I implemented up until now: two library files (xentha-s
  9. Hi guys I am new here and so far i was using GUI game engines to create games.From all back-end testings so far that i done on various programming languages and scripting languages i realised that html5 is best solution for my game development.Now i decided to ditch game engines and learn actual coding in some of the frameworks so my code could be much more cleaner,run faster,have better optimization and quality of the games would overall be better.But this is not just for games,but also for personal reasons because i like to be properly educated instead of using most convenient tools.
  10. Do you guys think that couch gaming has a future? If not, could you explain why. I am creating an API to support couch gaming and I am working on a website specific for couch games. My definition of couch gaming is that clients use their mobile phone to control the game that is being portrayed on a monitor or a TV screen. Would you guys be interested in such a platform?
  11. Grover Gaming is looking to hire a full-time HTML5 game developer. Responsibilities would include development of as well as being involved with the advancement and innovation of the tools used to do so. Key requirements for the role: - Experience in native HTML5 interactive/games development - Forward-thinking with thirst for knowledge of latest libraries and frameworks - Positive and self-motivated/directed - Well versed in OOP and associated design patterns - Strong problem solver with ability to debug efficiently - Open minded and willing to l
  12. Two of our clients are looking for HTML5 Developer in the capitals Berlin and London! Please note that games experience is a absolute MUST HAVE! INTERESTED? APPLY NOW! For more information and CV submittal via mail: c.john@jeffersonwolfe.com Cynthia John www.jeffersonwolfe.com
  13. Looking for HTML5 Developer with some experience in Pixi.js and gaming. Great compensation package, cool international team, awesome opportunity to grow professionaly. Vacancy is full time in Berlin, but we will support relocation from anywhere. Please write andrei (a) i2mdev.com for more details.
  14. Good evening guys, I am looking for an Expert HTML5 Game Developer to be based in Hamburg. Please get in touch with Will Roeder +44 7809 471749 +44 203 745 7901 will.roeder@select-tech.co.uk Description HTML5, JavaScript, and WebGL are your passion. You like to get started with the latest online developments right away. You believe strongly in open standards. You take pleasure in applying your experience and expertise to ensuring that games made with HTML5 and Javascript stay on the right track. You're not afraid to try out future technologies.
  15. Hi everyone. I am a newbie in phaser and in english I am making a tower defense game,and i need to make 2 different layers. One for the background and one for the sprites. How do I make that? Thanks
  16. 6 Month Contract Position - HTML5 Game Developer / Phaser I have an awesome opportunity to work on the Phaser game engine, developing HTML5 games within the casino, bingo, slots gaming sector. If you have experience with Phaser , then please get in touch. This is a 6 month ( HOME BASED) contract position with a contract rate of £340 per day Specification; HTML5 (Canvas) JavaScript developer (ES5 native) with Phaser experience to build/convert high quality slot games from Flash to HTML5 for mobile/tablet. Ability to write OO code, organize that code efficiently and document it. K
  17. *** Calling all HTML5 / Javascript Games Developers*** I have an awesome opportunity to work on the Phaser game engine, developing HTML5 games within the casino, bingo, slots gaming sector. If you have experience with Phaser already, then please get in touch. These are permanent roles, to be based in a very cool office in Oxford Circus, London. Excellent salaries are on offer in the region of £70,000+. This is an excellent opportunity to work for a major games company, in a superb environment working with cutting edge technologies. Specification; HTML5 (Canvas) JavaScript develope
  18. Hi Everyone, We have just launched a new service and JS library named PlugPIN. This free service makes it really easy for developers to turn smartphones into remote controls for games, apps or devices. You can check it out at: www.plugpin.com The idea about plugpin is that you can connect any smartphone to any device anywhere. Nog passwords, login's etc. Just fire up your browser, enter the pin and go. Currently there are just two examples displaying the functionality on the homepage. But there are some more examples in the documentation. Please check them out. And if you like it then
  19. Audio Table V1.8 ************ See Comparison Table here http://danikog.github.io/AudioEnginesMarkdown/ Engines https://unity3d.com – Unity4 https://unity3d.com – Unity5 www.unrealengine.com – Unreal 4 www.audiokinetic.com – Wwise http://www.fmod.org – FMOD http://www.tazman-audio.co.uk/ – Fabric This table is a based on personal experiences. Feedback, contributions and critiques are most welcome, send to mailto:dani.kogandk@gmail.com or Follow @Dani_Kogan Huge thanks to contributors which added information, helped fix problems and pointed to inconsistencies in the table. @Shri
  20. Yep, it's another flappy bird type of clone. But don't despair! I've added some other elements to the game play. The main reason for me creating this game was I wanted a simple concept to be able to get the game done quickly. Where I spent my time was not on making a unique game, but I wanted to go through the entire process of doing all of the other things outside of the game creation to get a mobile game deployed in an app store with a simple banner advertising along the bottom. There were a lot of challenges to get things working. First off, the board here has been an incredible resour
  21. Hey everyone! This is my first post in these forums. I'm partially new to HTML5. Now you can start spamming me with recommendations on how to learn and operate! I have made mini Flash games in the past, together they sum more than 2 million views worldwide, which is a fair figure, although not very high. I have been waiting for HTML5 to catch up and now I feel that this technology mix known as HTML5 is starting to take off. People can finally play free games on their mobile phones!! I know AS very well, I also know HTML, CSS, because I've been creating websites since I started working, a
  22. Adi


    Do you guys know about http://itch.io/ This is a great platform for distributing your games. And that's not just it, if you like Game jams you can take part by submitting your game or host your own. There are so many games there at ITCH.io to enjoy. Some cost a few penny but most are free. So, what do you think?
  23. About SUNFOX Games SUNFOX Games is a leading supplier of high quality 3D games for the international online casino industry. Our games delight partners and players with state of the art 3D graphics, an increased level of interactivity and exciting, innovative game play. To reinforce our young and professional team on-site in Vienna, one of the most exciting cities in the world, we are looking to allocate the following position: HTML5/JavaScript Game Developer Job Description Development of high end interactive casino games for desktop computers, smartphones and tablet computersIntegratio
  24. Hello All, I wrote a walk through on how to setup Grunt to automatically concatenate/minify your phaser game so you can be ready for testing/deployment. Take a look at it here: http://www.orbitalgamestudios.com/blog/concatenate-and-minify-your-phaser-code/ Let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns! Thanks!
  25. I haven't figured out how I can make this function reset some of my variables, can anyone help me out with my "restartGame()" function? I want to reset my animals as well. I just started using phaser today, so as you can see I am having a bit of a struggle...Anyway, here is my code: var game = new Phaser.Game(600, 400, Phaser.AUTO, 'gameDiv', {preload: preload, create: create, update: update});function preload() { game.stage.backgroundColor = 'FFFFFF'; game.load.image('player', 'assets/player.png'); game.load.image('animal', 'assets/animal.png');};var player;var jumpTimer = 0;var jum
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