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I think maybe you should work on color choice to make it more acceptable. Actually the contrast is very strong. Choose a softer color range and try to ensure that the colors go well together. Actually this blue - orange - green maybe looks a bit too much. Colors are a big part of graphic content for a game, and it can change everything.

But that's just my opinion :)

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While tempting, there's really no reason to pick every color you have available. I agree with Lowren and Soybean on this. I find by limiting myself two main colors there's less visual noise. I suggest you take your background and wall sprites and make them a muted (unsaturated) color. You can even make them the same color (just have either the wall or background darker than the other), which will make your character and collectible items stand out better. Of course this is only one way of doing it. Get your colors right and it will most likely increase how much a publisher is willing to pay for your game.

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I think colors can be improved... I advice to improve colors... Another thing what portals and players like is animation. But I would advice you to look at these 3 books from which I am learning:

1. Inkscape: Guide to a Vector Drawing Program

2. Inkscape 0.48 Illustrator's Cookbook

3. Vector Basic Training: A Systematic Creative Process for Building Precision Vector Artwork

I did create few games. Graphics weren't bad but I think until things are really best of what I can do, I shouldn't release games. Our brand is made around quality of our brand. There off course is a good learning curve but that exactly justifies why we should earn out from our game because it isn't something anybody easily. But good thing is, anybody can master by little work :)

Free online tutorials, videos, etc. are fine but I personally think they can't match the quality of a well written book. And a well written book can't have everything in them so reading more books would help. Just my 2 cents, best of luck in your projects :D

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I made a mockup with less color diversity and some very basic additions.


- Simple use of shadows for depth

- Simple inclusion of improvised directional "light" for the power ups. + Shadows to make them look more worthwile

- less gradients


If you animate the shadows distance to the objects you can already achieve a pretty good illusion of space.


Hope that helps & good luck with your game.




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You can still have a colorful game, even if you respect the colorimetry. I think that we all try to say that shades of color don't go well together in your graphic example. You can put as many as colors you want, if they're harmonious it's not a problem. Take a look at Diamond Dash, it's a very colorful game but everything is harmonious and pleasant.

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The fish illustration is pretty ok (I would remove the drop shadows from the rocks and not make the foliage that black on the bottom). 

The PacMan game graphics - kill them with fire:) (well - you might save it by making the background something else than eyes-burning green).

I would say that's pretty good (especially the fish) for somebody who just made his first graphics:)

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The problem isn't really on the colors, but on the effects you have put on them. Remove the gloss and gradients and shadows from the objects. Those should only be used sparingly, to highlight important things, like powerups, etc. There's too much focal points at once, so you need to take away color and highlights from walls, ground and add them to items and the player.


To illustrate my point I did a little "paintover" (it's not really good, though) :



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