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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all! I'm new to this forum and also new to HTML5 game development. I've basics of HTML5 and JavaScript as my background. My game project is about 2d sniper game. For this, I've come across game engines like Phaser, Easel, Panda and Pixi. I completed the basic tutorial for developing games with Phaser and Easel. I checked out Panda (didn't go thoroughly) and turns out it also uses Pixi for rendering. My major requirement is a mobile camera to zoom and move my crosshair to the target. I would like to move the camera using mouse. For this, I think Phaser and Panda provides a great support with the camera object. But I wanna enhance my game dev skills so Phaser would not be a great choice since it focuses on fast easy development. With that said, I'm having problems with Easel. I don't know how to manipulate the camera and also I don't understand what the 'ticker' class in the docs does. I'm having troubles choosing one out of these. It would be very helpful if the someone having experiences using these game engines will help me out with some feedback or recommendations. I would like to thank in advance. Note: I'm sorry if this question has been already asked in this forum or my question is not valid. I just posted my question without searcing much
  2. Hello. I was looking into the easeljs framework and I wanted to flip an image so it faced the other way. To do this I had to set it's regX and regY property to the center of the image and then set the scaleX to -1. This then changes the x position to the center of the image. I thought this seemed really strange, although I'm not yet in a position to know what is strange and what the norm. So, I was looking into pixijs and this does the same thing. Instead its called anchor.x. As I think both frameworks are little based on a flash type of framework, this must be a pretty common way of doing things so I was wondering... Where do you prefer your anchor poiints? And if you like it in the middle how does this affect what type of collision detection you use? I want to just started dong bounding box collision but with the anchor point being at the center that kind of messes up every example of this type of collision dection I've seen. The rectangle interesects methods I've seen would no longer work for example. If you you prefer your anchor point at the top left, then how do you flip images for your sprites in animations? Or do you reverse your image the in an image editor first?