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Found 773 results

  1. Hello everyone! I am creating an effect use SolidParticleSystem. I calculated direction particle (arrow in PG) move to ahead but it wrong. I created a simple PG: I searched and tried more than 3 hours but i has failed Thanks for everyone!
  2. I'm struggling with getting this girl to walk and make facial expressions. If I separate the head, the head moves when using the "pout" morph. If I apply to the whole body, the rest pose is applied to the walk. Both work fine in Blender though. Is there something else I need to do to get morphing working with armature animation?
  3. Hi there, First I know there is nothing private in javascript, but since it is marked as private in the typescript code , I'm just wondering if there is an official api/ or a nice trick to obtain it without breaking the rule...
  4. I can't get importmesh to acknowledge my morph targets. They turn out as NULL. But if I use BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load the morph target is there. Am I doing something wrong or is the morph target code missing from importmesh? Here is the playground I'm working on: I should have a pouting morph target for the girl's face.
  5. Hi, I want to position two (or more) elements inside a Babylon GUI Stackpanel. For two elements, both should use up 50% (three elements -> each 33.33% etc.) of the height of the parent stack panel. But this only seems to work if I directly set the height of the element in pixels, if I set height = 0.5 for each element, it doesn't work as I expected. Here is a playground example: As you can see there, the second box doesn't fit in correctly in the parent container. If you use the direct pixel settings for the frameHeight variable (line 40-41), the result is how I would want it to be, but calculating it this way isn't a very comfortable way :). What I am doing wrong here? Thanks
  6. On this PG, when I move the camera to the left to see the sphere, it appears. But if I move the camera to the right to see the sphere, it does not appear. She also appears if I look from behind. It's only from the right that I do not see it. or I must approach very very ready. try to move the camera to the right to look at the sphere, it will not appear. Try to the left or the back, it will appear. Super feature by the way
  7. Hi, Chrome ( 63.0.3239.132 on Windows 10, 64bit) always display this deprecation warning in the console: [Deprecation] GainNode.gain.value setter smoothing is deprecated and will be removed in M64, around January 2018. Please use setTargetAtTime() instead if smoothing is needed. See for more details. I've found a github issue regarding this, but it was closed without any comment: Opening this playground example from the tutorials ( still gives the warning: Will this be fixed until Chrome 64 arrives? Or can this be ignored, since Phaser CE also seems to ignore that, if I understand that correctly I also noticed these violations on Chrome (same playground example): [Violation] Added non-passive event listener to a scroll-blocking 'touchmove' event. Consider marking event handler as 'passive' to make the page more responsive. See EDIT: The soundfiles from the playground example couldn't be found.
  8. I'm using Blender exporter 5.5 I have a mesh that has a bunch of materials. I exported to Babylon.js format but all the textures got merged into one texture. I researched further and discovered that I had 5 materials but only 2 "UV Map" entries. I added a new "UV Map" entry for each material and assigned their textures to use that UV map, but it didn't make a difference. Is there something I'm forgetting to do?
  9. Hi, I'm making a custom material under "materialsLibrary", if I have multiple '.ts' files for a single material, for example: 1. babylon.xxxMaterial.ts, the main file, 2. helper1.ts, a helper class, 3. helper2.ts, another helper class, How to set the config.json so that all the 3 ts files can be combined into one single output 'babylon.xxxMaterial.js' file?
  10. Hello, When I view a model exported from Blender with textures applied I have darkening to the UV seams / borders when you view closer to a tangent. Example is here: My textures are power of 2 (1024 x 2048 px). Does anyone have suggestions how to avoid this? The problem disappears when I remove the .ambientTexture (AO / lightmap). Thank you.
  11. Hi, sorry if this is a stupid question, for now is it possible to update a GUI Button's image after its creation? I created a button with function GUI.Button.CreateImageWithCenterTextButton(name,text,imageUrl), and I notice the third parameter is an image url, I checked with the documentation but it does not mention any property name that I can use to set image url.
  12. I am using Blender exporter to `.babylon` file format but lately am noticing more mentions of `.gltf` (and `.glb`) besides your support for others. What is your recommendation for my use case explained below or more generic rule of thumb on when to to use which format? My context: We make scenes in Blender with more than 100 smaller pieces with textures and expose those with BJS. We allow users to change textures and materials. We allow users to move objects. We do do not have any animations.
  13. I am using CreatandStartAnimation to change the diffuse colour of an object (created in Blender). It works as it should, but it appears the change isn't permanent. If I console.log the diffuse color of the object before and then after the animation the object's diffusecolor is the same. Am I right ? Thanks Richard C ***** I was not thinking it through The post animation console.log was running before the animation had finished ! Console.log within a Timeout function ensured the log run after the animation. The answer to my question is that an animation does change the diffuseColour of an object !!
  14. Hello, I have an animation which I start with a function containing this: scene.beginAnimation(scene.getMeshByName("Cube"), 0, 60, false, 1.0); How do I get the current frame number, assuming I stop or pause it at some arbitrary point whilst the animation is running. Thank you,
  15. Hi! first of all, sorry if ive posted in the wrong section, but i wasnt sure if this was a bug or user error! here is a playground of what im trying to do for work, please excuse the eye as i am unable to use the actual texture. its basically a wake for a boat. in the above playground the wake grows in the y axis. but I additionally need it to grow in the x axis but the buttom two verts at a faster rate than the top two. I created a updateParticleVertex function which worked perfectly using Babylon version 3.0 unfortunately I had to update to 3.1.1 (and have also tried 3.2.0-alpha2) which now when i uncomment line 48 - localScene.SPS.computeParticleVertex = true; - it throws the following error - SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'length' of undefined or null reference. which points to a minified piece of code even though i downloaded the un minified option ( this is the line it is pointing to if this helps - babylon.custom.js (17,29530)) I am using IE11 (unfortunately) due to customer request. is this a bug or can anyone tell me where my user error is? thanks and please do ask me a question if i am being unclear in any way! Thanks again, John.
  16. Does anyone know if it's possible to set the visibility of lines created with `MeshBuilder.CreateLines`? (The reason I ask is I need to toggle lines on and off.)
  17. scene has frozen after dispose()

    When I want to have a scene and erase everything with scene.dispose(), nothing disappears and the scene froze. with just the sky. the camera freezes and the skybox too and nothing is erased
  18. Rotate Camera in VR

    Hello, I'm developping a web VR editor for 360 video experiences, and I would like in this case to force the camera rotation when I change my POV. I tried to use setTarget on ArcRotateCamera, but it doesn't work when scene.createDefaultVRExperience() is called. How could I change my camera rotation? Thanks, Benjamin
  19. Hello, I just started learning Babylon JS and I really loved it. Here I need your help to solve one of my sample development which is working well on Desktop & Android, but not working properly on iPhone (6S,7). It is loading but not able to rotate or zoom it. I have replicated the example of import meshes from Please let me know what am I missing? Thanks in advance. index.html
  20. Hello, I'm sorry for the stupid question, but how do I detect an intersection? I followed the playground example, but it doesn't work for me. Here is the code: var portal = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateBox("portal", 20, scene); portal.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, -5, -30); portal.rotation = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 3.14, 0); portal.showBoundingBox = true if (ellipsoid.intersectsMesh(portal, false)) { //ellipsoid attached to the camera alert("!!!"); //Message never appears }
  21. Hello, I have a very simple animation in Babylon.js using an exported Blender scene; a cube that starts at 0°, rotates 90° then back to 0°. I start this animation using using a function containing this: scene.beginAnimation(scene.getMeshByName("Cube"), 0, 60, false); The Blender file has 3 keyframes and I do not want to bake them before exporting - all easings need to be in Babylon. How to I apply easing to an easing function, say, QuadraticEase() using EASINGMODE_EASEINOUT to this in Babylon? Any help would really be appreciated. Thank you.
  22. Hi again, I have recently run into a wall that I could use some help with. I am using an advancedTexture for a GUI. The problem is, that when I add a second camera to the scene as a minimap, the GUI no longer receives pointer events. Here is an example As you can see, the button doesn't work. Obviously I need to get the buttons working again. If I remove the minimap, everything works as expected. Any ideas? Thank you
  23. Not sure if this is a bug or not but the console prints out that the rect vertex shader could not be found Uncaught Error: Error status: 404 Not Found - Unable to load /src/Shaders/rect2d.vertex.fx at new t (babylon.js:3) at XMLHttpRequest.p (babylon.js:3) r @ css.js:34 babylon.js:3 Uncaught Error: Error status: 404 Not Found - Unable to load /src/Shaders/rect2d.vertex.fx at new t (babylon.js:3) at XMLHttpRequest.p (babylon.js:3)
  24. Hi All, the issue I'm facing is probably trivial to solve but I couldn't find a solution. Basically I need to set the parent of a mesh (used as rotation pivot) to null after a rotation, because I need to use that pivot again for another group of meshes. I tried to use the following approach: var pos = box.getAbsolutePosition(); var rot = box.rotation; box.parent = null; box.setAbsolutePosition(pos); box.rotation = rot; but it seem to keep only the position, but not the rotation. I have created a simple playground to reproduce the problem : As you can see, when the animation is completed the bigger box returns to the original rotation. Any suggestion ? Thanks a lot in advance
  25. Hi I'm wondering if there's a particular technique I need to follow in order to import a model and its animations? I have an FBX that I know has an animation inside, and I have tried loading directly, by converting to an OBJ via Cheetah, and by importing to a Unity scene and then exporting to a .babylon file. No approach has worked. Directly via FBX or OBJ: BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("spider", "model/", "spideranimated.obj", scene, function (meshes) { }); When I say "no approach has worked" what I mean is that, by tracing out the meshes and looking at the animation object they're always empty. Should I be looking somewhere else? Model attached for reference. Cheers SpiderAnimated.fbx