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Found 238 results

  1. Hi, When using several camera, the water material is not displayed.
  2. Test device: Lumia 1520 Browser: Edge 14 GPU: Adreno 330 Nothing is rendered in certain conditions like: It loads but does not render. Expect bug to be hiding in LOD or/and Instance system.
  3. Hi, Got error on android device when createInstance is used ,PG. Device: Galaxy Tab 3 WebGl: renderer:"PowerVR SGX 544MP2", vendor:"Imagination Technologies", version:"WebGL 1.0 (OpenGL ES 2.0 Chromium)" Android: 4.4.2 Error: Uncaught TypeError: this._gl.vertexAttribDivisor is not a function at n._bindVertexBuffersAttributes (babylon.js:5) at n.recordVertexArrayObject (babylon.js:5) at t._bind (babylon.js:15) at r._renderWithInstances (babylon.js:12) at r._processRendering (babylon.js:12) at r.render (babylon.js:12) at t.render (babylon.js:13) at t.renderUnsorted (babylon.js:9) at t.render (babylon.js:9) at t.render (babylon.js:8) [.Offscreen-For-WebGL-0x6f7cfc20]GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_ENUM : GetIntegerv: <- error from previous GL command [.Offscreen-For-WebGL-0x6c2ab010]GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_ENUM : GLES2DecoderImpl::ClearWorkaround: <- error from previous GL command
  4. Hi, Someone have tried to use LegacyPbrMaterial with webpack? I copied file babylon.legacyPbrMaterial.min.js and made import in project (import "babylonjs/babylon.legacyPbrMaterial") but after that I get error Uncaught ReferenceError: __extends is not defined at babylon.legacyPbrMaterial.js:1 at BABYLON (babylon.legacyPbrMaterial.js:1) at Object.exports.byteLength (babylon.legacyPbrMaterial.js:2) at __webpack_require__ (bootstrap 3ce2b0a…:19) I have same erro if i try ti use inpsector. I am missing some config for webpack or typescript?
  5. Hello, Is it possible with BABYLON.GUI to move containers (drag drop). For example I would like to be able to move an image of a container and add it to another container. (To move an item from an inventory to an actionbar for example) I would also like to move a rectangle inside the canvas. Is this something possible now or is this something that can be added? I try to completely rewrite my SDK using BABYLON.GUI instead of appendChild() Thank you
  6. I was trying to open one of the documentation examples about canvas2d interaction and it suddenly redirected me to a "This website is unavailable" page. I then went to my playground, it worked. I continued browsing canvas2d tutorials and went to a button example. This website is unavailable. Please help.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to enable/disable fresnel when user clicks, but seems not successful. Playground: Thank you very much for your help!
  8. Even main demo does not work: Fails here: try { o = r.getBoundingClientRect().top - e.getBoundingClientRect().top, = "baseline", s = r.getBoundingClientRect().top - e.getBoundingClientRect().top; } finally { n.remove(); }
  9. Hi, I have animation of camera target (works only if some other property like alpha is animated at the same time) PG. If I switch tabs and wait a bit and come back to playground, alpha animation jumps to last frame as expected but target is moved to correct position but focus of camera stacks at last target positon before tab swicth. probably related to the same issue described here:
  10. To make the camera follow the character, I need to change it's angle each time. Try to walk, it only follows the character when I change the rotation:
  11. How would be best way disable scroll based zooming while on webpage allowing to scroll page and if full-screen then allow zooming with scroll?
  12. Hi All, Likely a simple question, but can someone explain what the Mesh Selection is telling me in the Stats tab of the inspector?
  13. Hi, I have animation that plays only part of it , PG, if loop type is BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONLOOPMODE_CONSTANT and loop is false box stops at the frame and than jumps to end of animation, but if loop is true it stops at correct frame. BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONLOOPMODE_CYCLE works as expected. Is it desired behaviour for BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONLOOPMODE_CONSTANT ?
  14. Hi, How can I reliably read running scene's framerate? When I output to console values of engine.fps, it gives me heartwarming 59-60fps. However, visually my Babylon app runs at 7-8fps at most! Where's the catch? The reason I need this is to disable certain features if framerate drops below 30fps for like 5-10 ticks. Or is there a better way to detect slower devices? Cheers
  15. Hi, I'm testing the typescript example from BabylonJS page and there's an error that keeps showing up. import * as BABYLON from './babylon'; class Game { private _canvas: HTMLCanvasElement; private _engine: BABYLON.Engine; private _scene: BABYLON.Scene; private _camera: BABYLON.FreeCamera; private _light: BABYLON.Light; constructor(canvasElement: string) { // Create canvas and engine this._canvas = <HTMLCanvasElement>document.getElementById(canvasElement); this._engine = new BABYLON.Engine(this._canvas, true); } My VS Code doesn't like the line where the Engine is created, the error is: I've tried type casting, in different combos, to no avail. This same error shows when I try to do this in an Angular component, if I just comment out the offending lines and run the app it doesn't find babylonjs at all at runtime (gives a webpack error) , although it seems to be able to import without a problem from the IDE. It's all a little bit frustrating, to be honest. Also, in the import statement I followed this SO answer by Raanan W, but didn't work as expected, I had to tweak it a little (from babylon, instead of babylonjs). Funnily enough, if I ignore Code and compile everything works fine, even without bothering to import! Summing it up, I must have been overlooking something pretty obvious but I've run out of ideas, so any help would be appreciated.
  16. Why BuildingInfo not working? I want to collide with box on some distance. Here PG, I set a larger BoundingInfo and expecting camera to stop before box on some distance, but still camera stopping on box itself. I can increase camera`s ellipsoid, but I don want, because in my scene different meshes will have different BoundingInfo.
  17. Hy gangs the catmull curve doesn't seem to work:
  18. material.getEffect() is undefined.
  19. There is a problem with the postProcess and use GUI. If using the blur postprocessing, while the GUI is also blur. Is there not a way to disable the postProcess in BABYLON.GUI for ways to keep default interface. Thanks
  20. I have a scene in 3DS max, and in that scene are knobs that I want to rotate. When I export the scene from Max using the 2017 exporter the pivotMatrix is set to Null. Is it possible to have this info be populated upon export from Max or can you only control this via source code? Thanks in advance.
  21. When you have an event that opens a modal window, the button has strange behavior. On my scene locally, I open popop modal windows after a click. But after several clicks the button it gradually becomes transparent to become invisible (the text is ok). Then all the other buttons after some clicks gradually become invisible. The button that are in containers (rectangle) do not have this problem. On the PG, I use an alert () and the result is different, the button this resize progressively. I think both are binding problem and changes the button state after a blocking event (alert, prompt, popop modal ...)
  22. I do not know why this is ca. on scene I have a slider in a rectangle, but when I move the cursor, it moves with the camera. The camera is not off/detached. When I look to the PG, it work. I wonder what can cause this bug. I do not do anything special, I moves the cursor but the camera rotates with, as if an event was not considered. I could not reproduce it on the PG, but there is surely something's wrong when the camera off when you click on the slider.
  23. Hello I want to run Getting Started Example in TypeScript on JSFiddle: But an error occurs on the line 50 "this._scene.render();" Thank you in advance
  24. Hey all, it is not ideal but I would like that answered topics would be flagged as solved using tags (like this topic). To add a tag, you have to edit the first post you made to start a topic. Thanks a lot
  25. Hi Everyone I'm trying to build a material which has a gradient of transparency. At the moment it seems to be binary either on or off. Is there a way to enable blended alpha? At the moment, I'm passing a png file to the diffuse texture and using ...someMaterial.diffuseTexture.hasAlpha = true; Hope this makes sense.. Edit: Ok just found opacityTexture. Thanks if you read this anyway