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Edit by Rich (September 2016):

Back in 2013 Mike created a web site (below) that allowed Phaser devs to list the games they'd made. You'll find over 400 games created with some of the earliest versions of Phaser. Lots of the links don't work any more, but some do, and it's a really interesting archive.

It's not worth submitting your games to the list any longer, however I'm keeping it, and this thread, because people still post new games to this thread even today. If you do this, it's highly likely I'll see it, and add it to the Phaser web site.

Mike's original message follows:


What I did started from personal need, but decided to share it and maybe improve it if it went bigger.

Well since the engine is still new but there is quite a moving and I check every topic, and game that is made :P

I have a phaser game list:



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Hmm I missed them all on purpose cause I wasn't sure if they are pure Phaser :D or some custom builds, but there is no problem to add them if you are ok.


Also they are on the phaser main page and I thought people couldn't miss them.

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Mike - what kind of back-end does your list use? (if any). If you were interested could it be part of the official site somehow?



It's pretty simple:

- mysql db - 2 tables for now

- 1 index.php

- and http://fluentpdo.com/ for a db layer


I can send you the whole project as archive for review, also my plan was to administrate directly the 2 mysql tables... since building a admin panel even simple is not ... interesting to me in the moment :D


@Arlefreak, I was thinking about a author column, and there can be a link to the forum profile if such exist.


@RestingCode your game is added. ;)

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Thanks for compiling a list. We're working on porting www.AncientBeast.com to phaser right now as it's been done in DOM only, we'll see how that goes.


Good work!!! It would be fine if the game list was integrated in the main site with a screenshoot, description,... If you need help integrating let me know!


Yeah, I totally agree with you!

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Can you add my just launched game?




Just for fun at Christmas. My first game in HTML5 / Phaser. All comments / feedback welcome.


Big thanks to all who replied to my various questions here on the forum, and even bigger thanks to PhotonStorm for this wonderful framework!

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