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  2. asset.interactive = true; Rather than your setInteractive property
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  4. Ok, so i simply can't get anything to register an event after having it previously working fine. Is there something global I might have done that stops these from happening?
  5. I'm adding a sprite in a loop, set interactive and then adding it to a container then the stage but my on events dont seem to be working, any reason why this might be happening? let map_asset_keys = Object.keys(map_assets_json); let length = map_asset_keys.length; let map_assets_arr = [] for (var key in map_assets_json){ let asset = new Sprite(Resources[key].texture); asset.x = map_assets_json[key].coords.x; asset.y = map_assets_json[key].coords.y; asset.zIndex = length; asset.setInteractive = true; asset.cursor = 'pointer'; asset.on('pointerdown', function(){alert()}) asset.tint = 0x550000; map_assets_arr.push(asset); --length; } let map_group =; map_group.x = 0; map_group.y = 0; map_group.scale = new PIXI.Point(map_assets_scale * pixel_scale, map_assets_scale * pixel_scale); map_group.setInteractive = true; app.stage.addChild(map_group);
  6. Hello AwesomeBilly, Heroku can be intimidating because of the command line usage. I don't know how their infrastructure works but it's the main goal of their service, you don't need to know. I don't think Heroku is overkill and should fit your needs. I would like to add that I am not affiliated with Heroku ^^' I'm just trying to help by sharing the experience I have
  7. Hey there! I am a selftaught hobby programmer and want to get more into game programming. This game is basically finished, but not thoroughly tested on multiple devices, so there might be bugs. As you can see in the screenshot, it is a really simple boardgame with no graphics . The player's goal is to get 4 of your stones in a line, but to avoid putting 3 stones in a line before. Here is the link to the game: And here is the link to the code, if you are interested: Since I am learning, I tried to code everything from the bottom up. Importantly, this game features an account system, so your highscores can be logged and you can play against other people over the internet. I'd love to here your feedback and, as I know it is rough around the edges, would like to know what should be "fixed" first. Thank you! Nico
  8. I'm trying to work out how to log asset byte sizes after load. e.g. something like this: PIXI.Loader.shared.add("bg", "img/bg.png") .on("progress", loadProgressHandler); function loadProgressHandler(loader, resource) { console.log(resource.size); } This possible?
  9. Platform to create an online gaming website similar to Powerful features and updates included. Arcade Site Script
  10. If you want to stop the reloading, you can use this jQuery code. //needs <form> to have an id $("#form").submit(function(e) { e.preventDefault(); });
  11. Thanks for help! First, I try to replace pixi 5.2.1, the problem still happened. Next, re-creating TextureSystem and resetting the renderer state really have no effect.... But, when I only try to binding baseTexture or "baseTexture.update()" or "baseTexture.setSize()" on every upload, It seem work! Anyway, I try to present the bug and process in detail by video and picture. It use Jsmpeg and FFmpeg trans RTMP stream to yuv data, and convert yuv to rgb texture. Refer attach code above, I use PIXI.resources.Resource to call gl.texImage2D and baseTexture format, and try to update Texture of yuv on every upload. Situation1: No bind baseTexture and call gl.texImage2D every custom updateDataMethod(setUint8Array) , only call gl.texImage2D on upload once. Result: Mesh only show one frame texture data. can't follow video stream to update texture. Situation2: Call gl.texImage2D on upload once, bind baseTexture and call gl.texImage2D every custom updateDataMethod(setUint8Array). Result: Other sprite's texture confuse refer with mesh's texture. Situation3: Only Bind baseTexture every custom updateDataMethod(setUint8Array), and call gl.texImage2D on upload once. Result: It's look good, sprite's texture and mesh's texture correct. Actually, I try to change "this.bind(this.baseTexture)" to "baseTexture.update()" or "baseTexture.setSize()", the result is same. Just like you said, It will change all updateID's , and TextureSystem wlll see that texture was changed on bind. It seem ok, thanks for help to solve that question!!
  12. That is an awesome idea and now on our todo list!
  13. Intellisense is not perfect, sometime you need help him, especially for events. Am not using maybe the best solution but it work for me.
  14. also here a nice video for PS and AE. This one helped me a lot to do VR picture. The depthmap are rendering on AE engine for the result, but its same logic, you replace AE by pixijs and filters.
  15. also i can see some strange artefact, am not sure why but try with png high quality image. Jpg are compressed and lossy. If artefact not fixed with png, create a issue on github for the pixi team. It can maybe a displacementFilter bug !
  16. A lot of issue with your demo, so i just make a playground for you. You will also need refactoring your image depth map. You will need practice and also this is not a very good image for this kind of 3d. But your are on the good way! make more experimentation. ex: more black on eyes. ps: for the online demo you can use ps: i don't use your demo because you code are inside html and my IDE don't like this. Logicly you should separate css,js from html.
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  18. Here ya go... Remember, I can only get it to run local side via Edge, but not FireFox or Chrome. Thx for your time. 1 pixi.rar
  19. Hi all! I made a simple platformer, a hobby project done in free time. It is a HTML5 port of a game I made in Pascal as a teenager over 20 years ago. I improved a lot of things in terms of game mechanics, level design, etc. but the graphics are all original - hand drawn in MSPaint somewhere around 1998 I have a bit of nostalgia for this game and I can find some charm in its style but probably the reality is that it just looks ugly. I would like to get some feedback whether it's playable nevertheless, what can be improved and whether the graphics disqualifies it or not. The game has 4 levels, difficulty gradually increases with later levels. It works on both mobile and desktop - on desktop it's easier to play as you can use the keyboard to control rather than touch. I can beat it on a mobile phone without problems but I played it a lot during playtesting so got used to the controls. It's coded from scratch and uses pixijs for drawing. It's my first complete HTML5 game, I hope someone will enjoy it Here is the link:
  20. When I try to model out a complicated idea it often turns into a spaghetti code nightmare that is only half of what I wanted to make and hard to keep working on. I feel like I usually don't have a good plan when I start so I just start chipping away at small pieces of the idea which causes problems down the road. Are there any resources I can read or watch to learn more about planing before you code? I also is there any good resource for learning about best practices for keeping code organized and readable? (C# in unity) Any advise on how better to attack complicated projects from scratch? Thanks
  21. so im making a website, where im linking subsites to it and the href for the other sites on the menu looks like this: <a href="C:\\Users\\123\\Desktop\\website\\blablalba.html">blablabla</a> but since this is specifically where its found on my computer it does not work when opened by others on other devices. So is there a way i can make this href less specifik? hope this is the right place to ask
  22. Apparently stopPropagation should do the job in a more succinct way. About the third parameter, where did you find the docs? Cause on my intellisense the third parameter is context. Also I tried this solution and it works fine, although I have another issue now. The inner circle will stop the propagation much so, that if now i actually hover on the father, it won't trigger anything. My best guess is that by stopping the propagation the father lost his chance to fire. Do i have to manually call it?
  23. i can take a look, but plz make a zip projet with all stuff. I am lazy
  24. Hello Joda, Thank you for the details. Let me get back to you on this. Warm Regards, Sofia G
  25. Alright, I messed around with the code from the video and what I have now works, but it still does not look good... The code below works, but only on Microsoft Edge, and without the #wrap code. The picture is small, but it takes up the entire background. I am trying to shrink it down to proper size. The 3D effect looks horrible compared to what is seen in the video. Anyways, hope you or someone can help. Below is the code, and I attached all the files as well. Remember, I'm a lamer compared to you guys, so sorry for all the questions. I have put a lot of time into this, so I hope it pays off. Thanks for your time. pixi.min.js test1.html
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