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  3. > but...pixi-timer I don’t understand how to use? Simple. Look in the code , if you like something - take it for your app. Its just someone's two-files plugin.
  4. Thx oh...Turned out to be used... "1 / 60 * delta" or "ticker.deltaMs" This can do what I want! Now I use the following code instead. He should be fine. const seconds = 0; app.ticker.add(delta => { seconds += (1 / 60) * delta; if(seconds >= 0.5 ){ console.log('alert!'); } }); but...pixi-timer I don’t understand how to use? Because I will update the screen through time judgment during recycling. Finally thank you @ivan.popelyshev
  5. It works on my localhost on chrome when i run it (its always worked) but still not on the electron version.
  6. arrays.sort() should work just fine even on 10k elements. Pixi has it in contaner, just enable sorting and sort() will be called in frames if you changed any of elements zIndex - es
  7. Welcome to the forums! Yes. However you wouldnt be able to do it without learning first what is Sprite, what is Texture, BaseTexture, how "Texture.from(myCanvas)" works, how actually "PIXI.Text" works and some other things. Please spend some time learning pixi and experimenting. pixijs examples: pixijs wiki: also clone sources locally and open in separate IDE window, learn which hotkey in your IDE helps to find classes you want to look. For input use something like pixi-text-input: , or just position html input element on top of your "texture" or whatever you will call it after you spend some time with pixi, accessability plugin has tricks like that.
  8. Yes, when i use PIXI.utils.sayHello(type) I get
  9. Scene manager? Its somewhere here: but i dont have unobfuscated version. > So they are kind've like a set of switches, that each time a file is opened, they try to run certain functions What file? Yes. But the way you describing it like some magic means you did not open pixi runner source. I'm disappointed. I thought you already cloned pixi and can search through classes. Its here:
  10. Are you sure it runs WebGL and not just canvas2d context?
  11. Hi, I have encounted something strange and I don't know how to fix it. I have git cloned the examples page onto a local webserver and the plugin projection, 3D Camera spine layers works fine. But when I try to reproduce it into my electron app, the layers start acting like this. How can I fix this? I've tried everything, why does it work on the examples html page but not on my html page. thanks!
  12. Are the runners kicking off the init() functions in each of the different files? So they are kind've like a set of switches, that each time a file is opened, they try to run certain functions? In your example case those function names are: this.runners = { init: new PIXI.Runner("init", 0), load: new PIXI.Runner("load", 0), beforeAdd: new PIXI.Runner("beforeAdd", 1) }; And this is kicked off for each file via: this.addComponent((this.assets = new Assets(this))); this.addComponent((this.phys = new Phys(this))); this.addComponent((this.mouse = new Mouse(this))); this.addComponent((this.shaders = new Shaders(this))); this.addComponent((this.models = new Models(this))); this.addComponent((this.level = new Level(this))); } addComponent(comp) { for (let key in this.runners) { let runner = this.runners[key]; runner.add(comp); } }
  13. Hey, i am sorry that!!, i go to edit it right now, thanks for ur message!!
  14. I'm going through your app, can you help me understand these runners? in app.js you declare your runners: // Application components this.runners = { init: new PIXI.Runner("init", 0), load: new PIXI.Runner("load", 0), beforeAdd: new PIXI.Runner("beforeAdd", 1) }; Then in assets.js, after loading up your image assets, you kick off a runner using the .run() method: loader.load(() => {; }); but I don't understand what this is doing now? What is it executing? I read through the documentation and looked up the runner class in the source code but it is confusing how this is working. Does it call the load() function found within models.js? If so, after completing models.js does the computer go back to line 39 in app.js? this.addComponent((this.phys = new Phys(this)));
  15. Hi @Adele welcome to html5gamedevs 😄. Without seeing the context of your code I cannot help that much. But, I will give it a try. This is how I would implement a double jump on my game. // create a variable canDoubleJump function update() { if (this.keys.left.isDown) { this.body.setAccelerationX(-1000);'left',true); } else if (this.keys.right.isDown) { player.body.setAccelerationX(1000);'right',true); } else {'idle',true); player.body.setAccelerationX(0); } const didPressJump = Phaser.Input.Keyboard.JustDown(this.keys.up); // player can only double jump if the player just jumped if (didPressJump) { if (player.body.onFloor()) { // player can only double jump if it is on the floor this.canDoubleJump = true; player.body.setVelocityY(-100); } else if (this.canDoubleJump) { // player can only jump 2x (double jump) this.canDoubleJump = false; player.body.setVelocityY(-100); } } }
  16. This is a Phaser 3 starter with , Rollup for bundling and nollup as development server. Hi I am a frontend developer by profession and just thought of digging into HTML5 Game Development amidst this pandemic (Stay at home and take care of your health). This starter is based on the template created by Richard Davey with a number of improvements: Only 1 rollup config for both development and production No JavaScript files are written to disk during development which makes it very fast thanks to nollup Has hot reload feature, code recompiles balzingly fast and browser refreshes as you change your source code. Static files are separated on public folder, sources (TypeScript) on src folder Can easily be deployed to production using a free services like Netlify. With the following configuration Build Command: yarn build Publish Directory: dist This is a sample that is deployed to Netlify,
  17. Would this be the same for a website? Is there some sort of dynamic router that I can use if I am linking everything through a single
  18. Hello everyone. I'm new to Pixi.js and I'm wondering if this would be possible: Basically, a user should be able to enter a text which then will be added to a texture (some kind of card). This card will be placed on a board and these cards will be reorganized in a certain way. The user should be able to click on the text and change it. Is this feasible in Pixi.js? I'm still reading tutorials but right now I'm not sure how you would add input text to a texture and make it editable. best regards
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  20. Hi @WilX94. I'm glad you like the post post and the game. Unfortunately I don't really have any other tutorials, and don't plan on writing any, since I haven't really developed anything similar in a few years. Best I can do is provide you with the source code for Curvatron. But to be honest, I would strongly advise against using it for learning, we were very inexperienced when we developed it. It is full of spaghetti code, and poor practices in general. Plus, it is based on a very old version of Phaser. You shouldn't have a hard time finding good tutorials and example projects for recent versions of Phaser :) Best of luck to you!
  21. Hello, please visit my website: You will find a lot games. I'm available for freelance work also. Don't hesitate to contact via email: contact [at] Thank you!
  22. tsm

    Shader performances

    Thanks for the advice Ivan. The app I'm developping needs to display thousands of sprites with thousands of differents textures, atlases are interesting but I think I gonna have some problems with depth sorting. Every sprite can change his depth at any moment. Atlases is the next performance feature I need to test but it's not gonna be now. The batcher I implemented thanks to you makes a great difference, it is sufficient for now.
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  24. Actually ,gray line you made was because you used STYLE. - see, there is no gray line. The whole problem is undefined behaviour in case transparent canvas + blendmodes. I asked it chromium guys - - and yes, its undefined. No way you can fix it with filters. CSS style will mess up everything.
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