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  2. Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that Panda is still my primary game engine and I have no plans to abandon Panda. The absence of @enpu is unfortunate but don't forget that Panda is open source so most of the time, it is possible to fix minor issues yourself by having a look in the source code. Currently I have two large commercial projects powered by Panda and it is expected that these project will be running for at least several years. Don't forget that Panda by itself is a great engine and that it has a couple of features that not all other engines currently are supporting. Take hires support and the custom Panda GUI for example, these are just great! I will continue to read this forum on a regular basis. If there are questions that I can answer quickly, you can count on my support. Stephan
  3. Yes, told you it was going to be fun This is getting a bit out of my comfort zone ... our approach was using Nginx as the load balancer (with sticky sessions). PM2 approach works fine with this - with each NodeJS application instance running the service on a sequential port and sharing data between them with either a DB or Redis. The Nginx maps inbound requests to each server via internal-IP, and each instance via the port. So let's say 2 servers x 4 core = 8 instances with 8 ports. New user comes to IP:80, Nginx routes them to one of those 8, and remembers which one (so that Websockets can persist). Nginx configuration determines whether inbounds are round-robined or more elaborately determined - it's doing all the smart stuff automagically. It's certainly been solved before, so it's a matter of implementation rather than invention.
  4. box2d is too heavy. I prefer lightweight as P2, in my opinion, at most case, P2 should be best option.
  5. (1) Skeletal Animation Blending is performed by the GPU using pre-baked animation texture. (2) Automatically generated connecting path allows smooth transition between two distinct path animations.
  6. Did Phaser Editor have Code obfuscation function? Can it possible to export a phaser project that making the obfuscated code? Thanks
  7. Hi @Chelsea, I just signed and would like to know more about your platform.
  8. I'm actually having some issues with this topic. I have the following piece of code but for some unknown reasons the callbacks for progress and complete never get called and therefore the progress bar doesn't animate and I'm stuck on the boot scene...anyone can help? import {AbstractScene} from "../../Framework/Components/Core/AbstractScene"; import GameScene from "./GameScene"; export default class BootScene extends Phaser.Scene { private _progressBar: Phaser.GameObjects.Graphics; private _progressBox: Phaser.GameObjects.Graphics; constructor() { super({key: 'BootScene'}); } public preload() { this._progressBar =; this._progressBox =; this._progressBox.fillStyle(0x222222, 0.8); this._progressBox.fillRect(240, 270, 320, 50); this.load.on('progress', this._onProgress); this.load.on('complete', this._onComplete); } public create() { this.cameras.main.setBackgroundColor('#000'); } private _onProgress(value: number) { console.log(value); this._progressBar.clear(); this._progressBar.fillStyle(0xffffff, 1); this._progressBar.fillRect(250, 280, 300 * value, 30); } private _onComplete() { console.log('complete'); this._progressBar.destroy(); this._progressBox.destroy(); this.scene.add('GameScene', GameScene, true); } }
  9. I can't pass the scene. Becoz Smartfox server automatically throw's connection lost event to "checkConnection" class. R u understand what i am telling.
  10. get the scene instance from phaser scene class to your normal class by passing it through the constructor.
  11. Hi I am new to game development. I have an issue.. here is the screenshot of my game which I am developing. My screen is scrollable with phaser_kinetic scroller. When I scroll the sheets with numbers it should be masked from the white line and and disappear the part of group sprite which is crossing the line. How can I achieve that. I used graphics to mask. But the graphics also hides the background. I dont want background to be hidden.
  12. The site has a period of 60 days, which is twice as much as in other advertising networks. Therefore, adding another 10-14 days to this deadline is frustrating.
  13. BillyKane

    I'm back

    @enpu Are you work on Panda 3 development????
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  15. They could be set that way but AFAIK there is no easy way to use them for compiling Phaser.
  16. I just wanted to update that recently the site has been rebuilt! It's now far faster then before and just feels so much nicer to use.
  17. One thing you should do if you are using WebFont is ensure before you proceed, the load is already done. You can use the active callback for this. I use some fonts which are web based or are local to my game. I do something like the following. WebFont.load({ google: { families: ['Pacifico'] }, active: function() { app.webFontsLoaded = true; if (app.coreAssetsLoaded) { app.nextState = GameState.Game; } } }); There are two flags in use here since I have 2 async things loading: font and and "core assets". So both loading mechanisms check to see if the other one is done. If you don't have this need, you can remove it.
  18. I have been receiving payments regularly now every month or so. I think you should always wait about 2-3 months, then you will get paid. Hope all is sorted now, fingers crossed.
  19. Payment received. But seriously, every time create a post to get paid?)
  20. Hi everyone! Just to keep this post updated, v4 is going to be available on NPM, the way the platform could be implemented and installed will change lot. We will have a default theme for your to easily start a new project where you will find examples on how to do a lot of stuff. The V4 will also include a lot of new features not available in V3, so here's a small video to show you what you will get from the current branch: As always any feedback will be welcome!
  21. I want to communicate between normal class to Phaser scene class. How to do that ? Normal Class:- export default class checkConnection { i need to call the scene class ? } Scene class:- import { Scene } from ‘phaser’; class connectionLost extends Scene { constructor() { super({ key: connectionLost }); } /** create */ create() { //Show Popup Contains connection Lost Message. } } export default connectionLost; Lots of them tells can’t call normal class to scene class. please Go to trigger custom Window event. Any-other option there to call. Please share your Knowledge.
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  23. Yes, Rope = bad version of plane. I've made something like that in pixi-heaven plugin, but i didnt move Meshes from v4 yet Congratulations with first post and with success!
  24. Thanks, I'll give one of those other font loading libraries a try... Frustrating heisenbugs are the best!
  25. I wonder if text metrics are sometimes being generated before the font has actually finished loading, thus spacing is thrown off when it then generates text with the loaded font. You often need to have used a custom font once in the dom before it'll then work everywhere else. I reckon isn't miles away from what your issue is. Different symptoms to the same underlying issue.
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