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  2. Hey Uronstone, We are always testing new ways to improve the user experience in the games we distribute on Game Distribution. This week, we decided to run some tests and test games without outgoing links in order to increase: Gameplay time, game performance, ad impressions/gameplay on the games. In short, this was done having both our publishers, developers and players in mind. Outgoing links take players out of the games and it can be bad for the user experience. We are starting to partner up with some big publishers that are asking for games only without outgoing links. This was done to make sure your games are picked up by those publishers too. That being said, I must agree that our method was not the best and we should have communicated that better. Because of that reason, we are doing an internal test and currently still allowing games with outgoing links. In the future, we will create a better and more strict set of rules in order to improve on all ends. Any doubts, just shoot me a DM. Cheers,
  3. Add multiplayer to your game. This article are awesome: Real Time Multiplayer in HTML5. The article explains how to use some methods for network latency compensation. I deployed the example from the article on Heroku. You can run it in two browser windows: (It is free hosting and sometimes you need to way a few seconds when server is waking up) The article has links on another good articles about network latency compensation methods. I am rewriting the code example from the article to TypeScript.
  4. Hello Everyone! We're Fad Mania, a new mobile game publishing company. We publish developers HTML5 games through our mobile app. In our app, we feature a dev’s new game every week. We’re currently looking for more devs to release their games on our platform. If you want to know more you can join our developer group on slack here : After you join there you can dm me(Hamza Wasim). Thanks! Regards, Hamza Wasim Manager
  5. Zanorg


    For anyone finding this post now, here's a sample code : let bg =, 0); bg.beginFill(0xBBF9FF); bg.drawRoundedRect(307, 100, 750, 537, 20); bg.endFill();
  6. Airtel Cricket Bonanza is a web-based game created for those who are passionate about this sport. Created by Red Apple Technologies this game is of two overs where players need to score as much as possible. Within a stipulated time period our skilled resources have created this game available for two major platforms-Android and iOS. As it is created using HTML5, the gamers do not have to download or install for playing. The gamers can play this game by downloading the Airtel Thanks App. To play click here: To know more about the game visit:
  7. Hello, This is my first post on this forum, so let me thank all of you for the problems you helped me with, by having them before me ! Now the question : I have a problem using the action manager. I use it to trigger an action by clicking on objects and it works. However I want the mouse pointer to change when I hover the object, to show that a mouse interaction is possible. To do that I use the property "hoverCursor" of the actionManager. For the main usage it works (the cursor is changing when I hover my object) but it works also trough other objects occluding the interactive object. Note that the interaction is triggered only when I click on a visible part of the object, as exepected. It's just the hover cusor that doesn't seem to follow the same logic. Here is a PG reproducing my problem : When you click on the sphere, the cube visibility changes. If you set the camera below the ground plane and hover the sphere, you can see the pointer changing, but if you click, the cube is not changing (as expected). So the question is, how can I do to prevent the cursor from changing when an object (here the sphere) is occluded ? I want to precise that in the real scene, I have about 500 objects in this case so I am looking for a light solution. I hope the question is clear I'm not used to ask help on forums in English. Thank in advance for your help !
  8. I'm interested in the offer. My portfolio is You can also contact me via mail or discord noisechip#8773. Thanks.
  9. All those casino games are fun but at the same time, they are just a waste of money so I prefer sports betting because with predictions from you can actually earn money.
  10. Slots always seemed to be a bit boring to me so I always preferred things like sports betting more. It's much more interesting in my opinion because you need to spend some time browsing for the information on and similar websites.
  11. Never was able to understand all those betting games. If you want to make a bet, sports betting is the only legit thing in my opinion. And it's my hobby by the way. That's why I have bookmarked in my browser.
  12. Hi, I can help in this. You can reach me on Skype: cis.am4 or Email: Hayden (at)cisinlabs(dot)com so that we can discuss this further. Hayden
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  14. hey @ivan.popelyshev, this sujet intrigue me. So alway better to perform this kind of packaging algo in texturePacker ? Do you mean the texture from pixi or make a spritesheet in pow2 will also ok ? From what i understand, the size constraint from texturePacker resize only the baseTexture.
  15. in v4 "baseTexture.mipmap=true" is default setting so it should work if you have pow2 texture. If not - well, pick your poison. Use pow2 size or don't make big downscales. Oh, right, Welcome to the Forums!
  16. I'll check out those mipmap settings. I'm on pixi v4 right now, so I'll try migrating but it's an electron app so might take a bit of tweaking. Thank you Ivan!
  17. Happy Thursday! Here are this week’s new tracks…100% free to use with attribution: “MYSTICAL HIGHLANDS” – (Looping) – Perhaps atop faraway mountains where the clouds drift below you. Or maybe in the quiet alleyways of an ancient city. Here are a couple new music tracks that might work for Halloween projects…or perhaps other things: "CREEPY HOLLOW" - Will you venture into the mist-filled forest? This track loops easily, btw. “THE ATTIC OF SECRETS” – (Looping) – A dark, drafty place filled with long-forgotten things. What will you find? Have a good weekend…and keep being creative!
  18. That's an old gamedev trick, you will encounter it everywhere First you press the key, keydown is fired ONE time, then after 9 frames it start repeats. Try that with your keyboard here - hold A and look at how letters appear, there's pause between first and second.
  19. Hello @ivan.popelyshev , Could you told me which OS and Browser you use? The keypress holding functionality work fine in my system, using Mac OS and Chrome. And Yes, I will change my movement logic, this is a great idea to both fix the problem and improve performance. Thank you very much.
  20. rich

    Sinusoidal path

    You could use the Sine tween on the objects y position and a linear tween on its x position.
  21. Hi, I understand your requirement and will be glad to assist you please share your requirement in brief at S.k.y.p.e Cis.am3 or e.m.a.i.l me at Frank AT cisinlabs dot com Regards Frank
  22. Extra info, what does mipmapping do: it scales down 2 times, then again 2 times, and obtains several "mip-levels" . then it samples the texture from levels depending on scale. Scale is determined through comparing "What coordinates of texture were asked in neighbour pixel shader". If we upload FAKE mipmap levels, we can see result like this: , here we have curved space and its scaled in the center => mipmap is automatically switched there to next level (red), then next one (green) and so on. Manually scaling the texture and choosing sprite texture based on downscale also works! You have to use whatever you udnerstand and whatever is better for your case. Yes, it might be strange if you come from Web that now , in WebGL, you have to manage many other parameters: texture filtering, antialias, blendmodes, premultiplied alpha, gamma sRGB. Usually its managed automatically by browser, but that automatic managing can affect performance, and in WebGL world its significant, its all about performance. I'll have a talk in russian conference HolyJS about those things, I hope to translate it afterwards and use in other places too. I know that many people are smart enough to make their algorithms fast, but that kind of problems stop them just because they dont know specifics of WebGL switches and how big control they actually have, what responsobilities it raises.
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