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  3. I am using 150-250 sprites of size 1920x1080 in animated sprite. There are four stages, whenever I don't need a stage I destroy animated sprite and base textures for it. Memory does get released after some time but I was curious if I am doing something wrong apart from using too large and too many images. Following is how I am destroying everything, stage.removeChild(videoSprite); videoSprite.destroy({ children: true, texture: true, baseTexture: true }); videoSprite = null; for (var i = 0; i < textureArray.length; i++) { var texture = textureArray[i]; texture.destroy(true); } textureArray = null; PIXI.utils.clearTextureCache(); Anything I am doing wrong or can do to release memory faster?
  4. Thanks guys to providing great resources, I have to go through all above and it's helpful to me. I am learning Javascript course from udemy with the help of this listed blog And I have found more courses related to javascript in udemy.
  5. I tried what you said about running http-server -c-1 in command line of the directory I wanted to show, but I couldn't use the cd url command to browse to my index.html because it said directory was invalid, so nothing really happened. Thanks for the help! I think I just got an incomplete or outdated tutorial when I first set up Pixi, so this is really helping me out.
  6. Ok so I was playing around and while the spritesheet was fixed, now I can't display text, I think this is an issue with the file I'm running out of, as it has been glitchy the entire time I've used it. As I understand it node.js can run a server for pixi, but I don't really understand how to connect the two. as it stands now I have a node.js program making an http server on 3000, so I just need to look up how to run an html file on a certain port? if that makes sense?
  7. Im actually starting to think just having node installed fixed it, because I don't think the code is breaking when the server is stopping
  8. also I am curious if I can turn it off when I am done with it and how, this is the code in the node file const http = require('http') const port = 3000 const requestHandler = (request, response) => { console.log(request.url) response.end('Hello Node.js Server!') } const server = http.createServer(requestHandler) server.listen(port, (err) => { if (err) { return console.log('something bad happened', err) } console.log(`server is listening on ${port}`) })
  9. Thank you! I think that was all I needed, once I got node running everything seems to be working on its own, the animation is running no issues, however i didn't have to tell the program to use the port I ran a server on (3000) does that mean it just found it on its own or is that something I may have to input myself in the future?
  10. I don't think condescension helps. OP posted a question for Phaser3, you gave a link to convoluted, though decent answer in Phaser2.
  11. How do I stroke the outside of a font? font.drawStroke seems to stroke the inside of the font. Something like this: (as shown in this issue here: Your example, here, doesn't seem to show clearly how to do this. @obiot My code: game.ClickableEntity = me.Entity.extend({ init: function(x, y, settings) { ... this.color = 'black'; this.font = new me.Font('Verdana', 14, this.color); this.font.bold(); this.font.strokeStyle.parseCSS('white'); this.font.lineWidth = 1; draw: function(renderer) { this.font.draw(renderer, this.text, (this.width/2)-10, (this.height/2)-10); this.font.drawStroke(renderer, this.text, (this.width/2)-10, (this.height/2)-10); }, How mine currently looks in game:
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  13. I rewrote the Pong game to WebGL 1.0 and TypeScript from the tutorial: I use a free hosting and sometimes my Node.js/Express server sleeps. Wait 10 second to wake up the server. Run the release version in the browser: Download the source code: I will find the instruction in file how to build to the Release and Debug versions.
  14. AtomDrive, a hybrid Node.js Server and Chromium Client, built on Electron Engine, can now publish to Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile devices. (1) Integrating Cordova 9.0 on the server side, users on the network can now issue build requests and receive back run-time packages or raw build projects (Visual Studio or XCode) for local builds and digital signing. (2) Perfect for WorkGroup. Top-Down Object Oriented Design Pattern allows anyone to assemble raw media, submitted by artists, into apps/games and publish them to all major Desktops and Mobile platforms. (3) Extensible Framework. Coders can create molecule packs or embedded WebAssembly Components and share them as micro-service providers. Others can assemble these objects into different Apps and Games. This Tutorial below demonstrate typical build processes.
  15. Did you look at pixi-sound? Unfortunately, there are no mentions that it supports VueJS, Angular, React, JQuery or Backbone.
  16. Hi everyone! I am going to load sound file in vue-pixi. I have no way to do this! Please help me. Thanks
  17. if you can show your code for help other people search same thing, you're awesome:
  18. thanksss @jonforum I create new Class TextureVideo extends Texture and overwrite "from" method. and say it un save in cache. its workkeedd 😘
  19. yes i think you will need to add a hack from a custom loader with video and duplicate the source. it maybe related to the web api and not pixi but am not sure. i understand your target logic. Wait confirmation but it interesting. maybe it not will not possible without duplicate the source in loader.
  20. thanks for reply @jonforum I test your code. but my problem not solved. I test this code: yes Im control my video By: videoSprite0.texture.baseTexture.source but in new Version PIXI must use: videoSprite0.texture.baseTexture.resource.source
  21. hey friend,, try this, it should work if am not wrong. const textures0 = PIXI.Texture.from('.../video.mp4'); const textures1 = PIXI.Texture.from('.../video.mp4'); const videoSprite0 = new PIXI.Sprite( textures0 ); const videoSprite1 = new PIXI.Sprite( textures1 ); const videoControler0 = videoSprite0.texture.baseTexture.source; const videoControler1 = videoSprite1.texture.baseTexture.source; videoControler0.currentTime = 2; videoControler1.currentTime = 11; console.log(videoControler0.currentTime); // should show 2 console.log(videoControler1.currentTime); // should show 11 EDIT: oups., hum no, it maybe because you get same name register in the loader from baseTexture.source. you will need hack videoControler are not inside sprite but from baseTexture, and i think it crush same register name, but not tested, you can confirm.
  22. hey. I'm new in Pixi.js and all Js 😊 I want create two Sprite Video from one src video. its create successfuly but when seek on video1 . changing video2 current time. for example: but i not want this happen. im try with Texture.fromVideo() but have this problem... sory my english bad 😞
  23. Does anyone know if there is any article that tell us which characteristics os playersby game genre? For instance: - dress up games: women ageing from 5 to 12 years old. - bingo games: women ageing from 40 to 80 years old - FPS games: boys ageing from 5 to 25 years old. I asked this some years ago and no one answered me... I can't believe such piece of information does not exist. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks.
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  25. hey this should help you. after install this plugin to vscode.
  26. No replies up to now. Does it mean no one here has experience with both HTML5 and mobile markets? I can't believe. I think you guys don't want to share your knowledge? 😐
  27. In specific, I don't know what it means by this Once you install it, you can use a very simple CLI API that you can interact with: after this it gives me commands like before, but I don't know where they are supposed to go, I tried the terminal but I guess it means something else, like atom or a different editor, or in my project, but I have no idea how to do that or where. Sorry this is my first big language, I started with processing, so I'm a bit clueless.
  28. I found a tutorial to try and find this but it keeps referencing things I don't understand,
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