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  2. fb instant build game is declared where can find alternative ?
  3. I see two ways 1. You can hack your texture that way it gives different UV's to rope. "texture.frame.x = ...; texture.frame.width = ...;" then "texture.updateUvs()" should do that. 2. Just modify the rope same way it works in our v.5.2.0, code is almost the same.
  4. Nice 👍 It's great that you open source it.
  5. Little difficulty with controls. Other then that nice game.
  6. I do see something about adjusting the "frame". But I want to use the whole texture and just offset it in the X..err.. U position.
  7. Changing Rope isn't that difficult, you can copy some parts from v5. I also had alternative Rope for v4, though without this function, you can look at it : We really cant implement everything that people want in generated meshes, and its not like they use very specific webgl stuff, its just geom, it should be easy.
  8. Looking over the v5 documentation for PIXI.SimpleRope, Texture, and BaseTexture - nothing really stands out to me that says 'HEY! Set this to offset a texture'. Any hints?
  9. Thanks - we're are still on PIXI version 4 for this project - I fear we have so many dependencies on how it works that upgrading may be impossible, I'll take a look!
  10. Ehm, it works already, look in pixi 5.2.0. In case you need more, just modify that Rope
  11. Hey guys, I'm wondering if there is a way to animate the offset position of a texture when applied to a PIXI.Mesh.rope. My goal is to have the texture "flow" in one direction. The texture in question is designed to repeat in one direction. I'm hoping if I can set the base texture to wrap along the U coordinate (using PIXI.WRAP_MODES.REPEAT), that if I can adjust the offset of the U over time, that I can effectively get the texture to wrap along the rope mesh. Where I'm running in to trouble is, based off of research so far, I don't see a way to adjust the offset "out of the box" in PIXI. Is this even possible, or should I be taking a different approach? Here's an screenshot of what I'm aiming for: Note the arcing path leading from the gorilla, going over the skyscraper, and ending at a building. This is built using a mesh rope. I think it would be cool if I could get the texture to move in one direction, similar to a tiling sprite, but along the rope. Any insight is much appreciated! Thanks, Sean
  12. Hi, We released our new open-source HTML5 video game called: "Space Swap™". It is a reinterpretation of the classic 16Bit SNES video game "Tetris Attack". Game has been tested on Windows Edge/Firefox/Chrome/Opera & Linux(*ubuntu) Firefox/Chrome. (should also run on macOS Safari but not tested) Game utilizes the excellent "AppGameKit Classic" video game engine. As stated, the game is 100% open-source! You can play the game and download the full project at below URL link: Enjoy our work! Thanks! Jesse
  13. There's also a matter of lost packets that seriously affects TCP networking. Any lost packet induces a lag spike. There's a trick to maintain two-three websockets connections instead of one, and sending a packet into - but nobody implemented it in public, its very limited. It also requires UDP-like architecture of client/server, that's one of difficulties we're trying to solve.
  14. There are so many ways to do client prediction, that you're better using something that gives you ability to change stuff for your game
  15. Thanks a lot @ivan.popelyshev! I checked out your game! The one I want to make is a third-person space craft battle game, which is gonna be fast paced. Should I just go with the method I mentioned above (the difference should be below 0.1), or should I go with nengi. Is nengi a worth upgrade than the method I used (my method involves really nothing lol)? If yes, I would like to see any other alternatives to nengi just to have an idea (or if it is the best out of all, then I might directly use it!)
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  17. Its not, its just amount of work to make it right for your game is big. There always be people who complain about lags, and you have to be balanced about effort you spend on them. Suppose 100 people joined your game, and 10 had bad connection. 10 left. Now, in a month or two situation in network changes, and 9 from those 90 have lags, they leave, but those 10 previous guys don't join back just because their network became better Client prediction depends on you game, and if you have players very close (touching) and that affects gameplay - even slight lag will make experience bad. I made my IO game ( in 2012-2013 I was very lucky for it to be playable, i didnt know anything about networking experience of past games and i did it! Made it better in 2014-2015, and from 2017 I hired the only guy who understood my algorithms and he's making new version of engine that will have much less lags. Its going on for 3 years already and its very hard. Of course you can use nengi to start, but networking is very big and you dont stop there, you'll have to modify it for your game.
  18. I have written some advice about this on the last page of my JavaScript course, here: See the 4th item on the page.
  19. Please bear with me, I am completely new to game networking. Any help and improvise in this question will be appreciated!!! I have been playing around with BJS (babylon.js) for a while now, wanting to make a real-time multiplayer game. I have been searching around the web about game networking, and read this: It gave me a clear idea of how should I go ahead. But in all the forums, I hear people saying game networking is very hard, not to waste time on it rn, and stuff. So I thought to give it a try. I used node.js for server with to communicate to the client back and forth. What I did was, when I receive the server's update about the location, I would compare that to the location of the client (which was predicted, or more like comprehended on the client side) to check whether the difference was under 0.1 (or any number). If it was not, I would redirect the player back to location sent by the server. (there is still some minor jitter in the gameplay) After doing the above, I felt it like a piece of cake. I felt on top of the world! But, I was still trying to figure out what people really meant by "hard". So after bit of more research, I found out nengi.js, a game networking engine for node.js. I noticed people comparing and nengi.js. Aren't they two different things? is used for bidirectional communication between client and server, and nengi.js is a game networking engine! This has created a huge confusion in my head. Could anyone please help me with this? Also, please clarify whether the process I did above for client prediction is correct or not? If you need anymore details/info, please let me know! Thanks a lot for reading through! Thanks in advance!
  20. Hello, I would like to add small update to the System Text in text.js in order to make it have New Lines like <br> and typewriter-effect like RPG dialogue. Demo. new game.SystemText('Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,\nconsectetuer adipiscing elit. Sed posuere interdum sem.\nQuisque ligula eros ullamcorper quis,\nlacinia quis facilisis sed sapien.\nMauris varius diam vitae arcu.\nSed arcu lectus auctor vitae,\nconsectetuer et venenatis eget velit.'); if the text includes "\n", it become line breaks like <br> and user enable typing_effect = true; the text have typewriter-effect like RPG dialogue. First, render\text.js Add typing_effect varable. game.createClass('SystemText', 'Container', { ... /** Enable typewriter-effect @default false **/ typing_effect: false, i: 1, ... Add the following code, when user type "\n", it can do line break effect var lines = this.text.split('\n'); //Check New Lines for (var i = 0; i<lines.length; i++){ context.fillText(lines, 0, (i*this.size) ); _renderCanvas: function(context) { var wt = this._worldTransform; context.globalAlpha = this._worldAlpha; context.setTransform(wt.a, wt.b, wt.c, wt.d, wt.tx * game.scale, (wt.ty + this.size) * game.scale); context.fillStyle = this.color; context.font = this.size * game.scale + 'px ' + this.font; context.textAlign = this.align; //Add the New Lines like <br> and typewriter-effect like RPG dialogue. if(this.text == undefined){ context.fillText(this.text, 0, 0); }else{ if(this.typing_effect){ //Check If typewriter-effect is enable var lines = String(this.text.substr(0, this.i)).split('\n'); //Check New Lines this.i++; for (var i = 0; i<lines.length; i++){ context.fillText(lines[i], 0, (i*this.size) ); } }else{ var lines = this.text.split('\n'); //Check New Lines for (var i = 0; i<lines.length; i++){ context.fillText(lines[i], 0, (i*this.size) ); } } } } Main.js Enable typing_effect this.text.typing_effect = true; game.module( 'game.main' ) .body(function() { game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { var ths = this; this.text = new game.SystemText('Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,\nconsectetuer adipiscing elit. Sed posuere interdum sem.\nQuisque ligula eros ullamcorper quis,\nlacinia quis facilisis sed sapien.\nMauris varius diam vitae arcu.\nSed arcu lectus auctor vitae,\nconsectetuer et venenatis eget velit.'); this.text.size = 50; this.text.font = 'serif'; this.text.color = '#ffffff'; this.text.typing_effect = true; //Enable typewriter-effect this.text.x = 10; this.text.addTo(this.stage); }, update:function(){ // this.text.text = 'Hello\nPanda'; } }); }); Could you update this @enpu? my code may be not good or more hardcode or not the best solution to achieve , Welcome to give me a feedback to improve my coding skill, Thanks text.js
  21. Hi, I have a bunch of Html5 games, some of them are greatly enjoyed and 2 more currently in development. Let me know what you're interested in doing.
  22. Rubydesic


    The problem is, I want the Graphics object to be initially rotated, e.g. a slanted rectangle that straightens itself when hovered over (but the hit area remains slanted/same size). therefore, the hitArea that I need to set needs to be rotated?
  23. Tried below, but it did not work:
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