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  2. Hi! We want you to make fun web games that ordinary people can remix using our platform. We will pay you $500 per game. These are simple games, so they shouldn't take you too long to create. Interested? Read on! Koji is a platform that lets non-coders "remix" games and apps to customize game assets, styles, and basic mechanics. We are excited to work with developers to grow our catalogue of games and let ordinary people remix them into new games that are hilarious, shocking, silly, fun, or all of the above! If you have ever wanted to get paid to make fun games and reach potentially millions of people with your work, this is your opportunity. Koji games have been remixed and shared by all kinds of people, including celebrities, influencers, and athletes from around the world! Koji games embed natively in Reddit, Snapchat, and Instagram, and can be played from any device and on any browser. We are looking for developers of all skill levels to create fun, engaging games that are easy to remix and customize. These games should NOT be complex. Game formats that work well on Koji include things like endless runners, puzzles like Candy Crush, new takes on classic arcade games, etc. Think of these things like the next evolution of Flash games, not the next Skyrim There are already hundreds of game templates on Koji, some of our favorites include: • • • You can see more of our favorites at These games are created using Javascript, and are adapted to Koji through the inclusion of a few extra JSON files. Please click "Remix" on any of the games above in order to see the file structure, and how the app uses JSON config files in order to render Koji VCCs (Visual Customization Controls). These VCCs let non-coders customize and modify the games (to do things like turn this game into this game). If you create a new game template that meets our specifications, we will pay you $500 USD per game. There is no limit on the number of games you can create for us, but additional games must be meaningfully distinct from each other in order to qualify for additional payment. In order to be accepted, games must meet ALL of the following criteria: • Game must load properly in the Koji editor and publish correctly from the editor. We recommend remixing a scaffold, or remixing an existing game and simply deleting the game logic in the Koji editor and replacing it with your own game. • Game must include VCCs that allow people to remix and customize the game in meaningful ways (changing images, sounds, strings, and other game mechanics). Please remix some of the games on the "/create" page tor examples of what kinds of things should be abstracted into VCCs. Changes to VCCs should be reflected immediately in the live preview of the Koji Editor via hot reloading. • If appropriate, game should include a backend with a leaderboard. Take a look at the code of some of the sample games for examples of how to do this using an Express server. • Game must be responsive and work well on both desktop and mobile devices. Please make sure to test across browsers and devices. Game must work in Mobile Safari on iOS. If you do not have access to an iOS device, please join our Discord -- others in the community can help you to test and debug on iOS devices. • If game uses arrow keys, it should terminate propagation of those keypresses. Koji games render in iFrames, so pressing the down/up arrow keys when playing the game should not scroll the parent screen. • If a game has background audio/music, the music should not start playing until the user starts playing the game. No autoplay music on splash screens. • Game should feel compelling and fun to play. Use high-quality assets and pay attention to visual design. Use sounds when appropriate. If you're interested please let us know! Here is my email if you're interested : Incase you are wondering why we posted here, it is because it's being a week since our post in Hire and Freelancing is not approved. Thanks! Regards, Hamza Wasim - Koji
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  4. if your say it , i trust you, because your are Ivan, but i want just say the bench upper are not a good valide bench data ref! we can't take those data for ref.
  5. I remember back then i used box2d or box2d port with fluids, but of course now im doing it , but it was in 2014. I didnt even measure it back then, but yes, box2d was very performant
  6. i like your link here because you share data, but the issue here is your link is not a bench! it juste string html data ! I get same result from all my web browsers , firefox,chrome,vivaldi,edge... After look in deep the link compute nothing, and cant be a good reel reference. need a reel bench here, this cant be a bench values to take. Those values cant be take for reference, there only html strings values. i dont know if box2d is >70% more speedUp, but please guys don't take this ref.
  7. Thank you, I learned a lot about event loop timers. I forgot to mention my game uses socket io so I couldn't get PM2 to work as it should. I'm going implement the cluster module manually, but there's a couple of issues. Im trying to make a proxy server on the top of the node workers so when a client connects to the server, the proxy server makes a decision on which worker the client should be routed. I want to redirect the client to the node instance for which some conditions exist. Like for example if the client wants to join a room search all node instances and connect to the instance the first free room is found or if the client wants to make a room, redirect him to the instance which has the least rooms. I have no idea how to make a proxy server though, is this even a good idea?
  8. The engine itself is opensource, so we can still update as necessary. Just the editor is closed off.
  9. ho!! if they are the same guys who developed the plugins Newton on AfterEffect or inspired! I'll bet on them, they've created a really good, effective and intuitive physic engine on AE. i made a fully tutorial on this physics engine plugins for french interested in dev in physique coding (eascript) inside AE. Released for free on youtube include the 3d physic scripting.
  10. need a live benchmark, the bench is from 2015 😏 am sure a lot of thing change in those API. Also versions,codes sources will help. it easy to use a code and algo thats is favorable to a particular engine.
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  12. i honestly didnt care about performance yet, im new to that physics stuff. I needed something, I made it Which box2d lib do you recommend?
  13. Its possible with new texture resource (demo: However i didnt make png+jpeg demo yet. If you are familiar with canvas2d/webgl API's you can just put some hard code there. Otherwise, put a request, you are the first one who needs it in last year or so. The only problem is that my queue is very long and im doing random things from it , not FIFO I think you can just take two ImageResources, and combine results of canvas2d getImageData's to array that you upload to webgl like BufferResource.
  14. Hi all, I have a backdrop for a little game that I'd like to split into layers (with some particles between) nothing major probably 2-3 layers at max. The game is for mobile and file sizes have got to be as low as possible. The backdrop in question is not something that can be tiled or recreated with an atlas so I'll need to split it into a few largish images. png 32s' tend to be too heavy, 8 bit will probably lose too much colour information. I was wondering about instead using a larger jpg (eg the backdrop is 1920x1080) but maybe extending it to a square 2k, then using that with alpha masks from (colourless pngs) as an alternative (if that makes sense). I thought this way I could drop the size of the jpg more without as much degradation as a png would have (& have finer control). Hoping the colourless pngs wouldn't make as big of a hit essentially just being an alpha map.. Sounds a long way around a small problem, just theorizing atm & wondering if anyone had tried anything similar, noticed any peformance hits using masks v png or even found a nicer alternative? Cheers for any advice!
  15. Greetings again. And again, we have the same problem. It has been 71 days since the end of August. And again we cannot receive our payment on time.
  16. Correction, you made two games with only HTML, JavaScript and CSS. I really like the Snake one, it has a very interesting perspective! This looks very good @danielmocanu, I have to say.
  17. Hi! We are Recruiting HTML5 Game Developers for our platform Koji where we buy game templates from developers. You can learn more about it here : Let me know if you're interested! Here is my email id if you want more details : If you are wondering why we posted in game showcase ? It is because post too long to be posted in Freelance and Hiring. It's urgent so i posted here. Thanks!  Regards,  Hamza Wasim - Koji
  18. There are numerous physics libraries out there. If you're sill undecided, I would recommend making some benchmark test to compare the functionality you need (which is what I did). I'd also look at how active that project is. Some of those listed above haven't been touched in years, so you'd def be on your own. One advantage of box2d is it is well known and used a lot. So while the version I am using may perhaps be dead, it's easy to find out some explanation on how to do what I need to do ... though generally the answer will be C/C++ based, I found it translates over. Just be prepared to wade through the source code for confirmation as well as how that particular implementation of Box2D named stuff :D. The variant I am using is actually pretty close to the C names. Oh, for the version I'm running, I didn't install via npm. I'm actually directly including it with my source files. It makes it easier for me to debug.
  19. @ivan.popelyshev interested you chose P2, I saw this from finscn who I recognised from the PIXI forums. In this test P2 runs around 20FPS slower than box2d
  20. Run Merle Run is an endless runner type HTML5 Game developed by Red Apple Technologies. It's a very fun and engaging game to retain players. Features: Engaging gameplay Controlling convenience To know more and play visit :
  21. More Art Works : Available for more art works! 2D Cartoon Art Work Game Assets Service : I can work on fixed price (based on my $14 per hour rate estimate), I do need a list of the assets to calculate. You can email me at for more details For Cost reference : Character Design : $7 - $28 (depend on details) +add $7 - $14 per animation (4 - 10 frames) (depend on details) Item $5 - $14 (depend on details) Background $14 - $56 (depend on details) Buttons $2 - $7 (depend on details) Etc. For a more accurate cost, give me a list, and I will calculate for a fix cost. If we have a deal, I will make some samples from the list to make sure you like the art style, if you approved then we move forward. etc. You can email me at for more details.
  22. PhysicsJS: p2.js: verlet-js: JPE: Newton: Matter.js: that depends what or how you want to do. I used to make my own 3D physics engine for a complicated game before. or you can pick up one and modify to match your demand.
  23. Hi guys, does anyone has some good idea on swipe up to fullscreen in iphone safari. i want a dodge but hacking solution just only for demo. Thanks mates
  24. Hi, I found two games made only with HTML, JavaScript and CSS, no game engine. Here is the link: They can also be played on mobile phones.
  25. I would vote to atleast then make the source open to paid users. I am sitting ducks without support ...
  26. In that case, write me as soon as you have something, i'd like to make an article based on that. "All the tilemap techniques!"
  27. Here's the demo for Pixi & P2 & PhysicsEditor: Part of update determines whether we need to copy pixi filelds to physics or vice-versa. If pixi position was changed -> copy from pixi. if (this._memLocalId !== display.transform._localID) { this.previousPosition[0] = this.position[0] = -display.position.x * PIXEL_TO_METER; this.previousPosition[1] = this.position[1] = -display.position.y * PIXEL_TO_METER; this.previousAngle = this.angle = display.rotation; this.wakeUp(); } else { display.position.set( -this.interpolatedPosition[0] * METER_TO_PIXEL, -this.interpolatedPosition[1] * METER_TO_PIXEL ); display.rotation = this.interpolatedAngle; } this._memLocalId = display.transform._localID; I used p2 compiled from sources, its different from NPM Demo also has a Mesh&Shaders part. Its not batched i'll make batched version later. From now on i will recommend this as a demo with physics and architecture
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