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  2. When my game is played ( it heats up the computer. Does it draw everything on the page every tick? For example I have a lot of tiles after drawing them all once would it increase the performance if I made them cacheAsABitmap? Could this be the reason why it is using a lot of resources or is it something small? There are around 110 sprites on the map (tile, dice, port etc.) and these do not change throughout the game. Are these using a lot of resources just staying the way they are. If I cache them as bitmap would the game use less resources? How can I track the resources they use?
  3. Thanks for your reply, I'll be looking into it.๐Ÿ™‚
  4. There is over 1M monthly active users processing over 2M monthly visits, generating over 8M monthly gameplays. Revenue depends primarily on gameplay and secondarily on the type of monetization, used ads, frequency, CPMs. If you are interested for real CPMs in web games, some are available at (for last 6 months)
  5. Hi, How much on average do game earn on your platform and how much traffic do you receive? Thank you
  6. Hi, I will allow you publish and monetize your web-based games on my gaming website Basic information: There is possible to submit your game for free from any source (your hosting / some game distribution service) Automated process of publishing (games are published with your thumbnails and text after a quick check) games can be monetized with in-game ads, IAP, affiliate... games are published under developer's account - developer has label "developer" in comments. He receives notifications about reported bugs etc. Players can follow the developer and receives news related his games Check Publishing games on PacoGames for more information
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  8. I think this post is a bit on the wrong forum thread, maybe a "Services Offered" thread will be the correct choice. But anyway your Portfolio is very beautiful ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  9. Yes, didn't know that, Phaser 2.6 turned into Phaser Community Edition. I have the docs now. Should I upgrade Phaser 2.6.2 to Phaser 2.7.0? Are they very different?
  10. Humanoid Monkey Concept If interested don't PM, send your requests or hellos to or Contact me through Skype ID: deathstalkerarts
  11. As the title says I sell the whole game and the resources I use to do it including sprites, the 3d models I use for music sprites, the game, everything, I am not selling a license, once purchased it will become your property, it will be I sell it to the one who makes me an offer that I cannot refuse, I sell it in dollars. contact me on my facebook: Ivan Jesus HJ Rojas chaparro phone: +58 412-163-26-75 email: I speak Spanish not English It's a fighting game, I haven't published or distributed
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  13. Thank for your answer, Ivan. I've got an answer from Engler about OnError being called with the error, the loader, and the resource that failed. Got too used to error handlers being called with single error objects, so didn't look for docs, sorry my bad. Since I didn't know how to catch what files failed to load, so I just reset the loader and reload all the resources again relying on browser cache to handle repeats and it magically worked well. Thanks for your help.
  14. Thanks for you immediate help, Ivan. I see it finally works well๐Ÿ˜€. I can understand 2, could you please elaborate 3 a little bit for me? I don't quite get it. Thanks in advance.
  15. Oh, I see your playground. I don't know why didnt you encounter precision issue, its a miracle. Btw, one of other problems is that "precision" in second line (not first one) actually forces pixi to spawn one more "precision" before that and maybe it somehow works... Yes, just apply 2 and 3 to your playground and you'll get good result.
  16. Dear @Oliver Zhou ! What can I say? Welcome to the forums! I'm glad you tried that thing and get the result. I can help with small problems. OK, here it is: 1. There is a problem with precision - same uniforms used in vertex/fragment (inputSize, outputFrame) require same precision. If you use old devices that dont have highp - well, we can always stuff them in "dimensions" uniform like before to get rid of that. Honestly, its one of new problems that were spawned in v5. We try to fix old ones - get new ones However you either solved that on your own either you used legacy mode and "filterArea" uniform that comes with it, the real help follows: 2. To center coords by center of sprite - I removed "-=" from mapping , it doesnt work with screen pixels anymore, its filterArea pixels. 3. To get rid of bleeding problem you encountered - "filter.padding=1; filter.autoFit = false". And, like for any other v5 filters thread, I recommend to look at in case you need only one sprite affected and not whole container - UV manipulation is easier than those renderTexture inputs/outputs. We had a thread today where I posted the result for different shader,
  17. Hi Ivan, I created a pixi-playground at here for you:
  18. Hello, @Oliver Zhou ! Please post your code in codepen, jsfiddle or pixi-playground OH, wait, I see you posted it here.
  19. I have rewritten the code as suggested. Please help
  20. Hey, I am Arsalan, 2D artist based in the UK, I specialise in concept-art, character design and bone animation. Full Portfolio: Some work from last Project: I am available for hire. Would prefer a remote job, but also available for freelancing. Can send me a private message if you are interested to hire me. Rate negotiable.
  21. I tried this example in v5, it seems that it didn't work as expected any more. I have no idea why class CrtWarpFilter extends PIXI.Filter { constructor() { super(null, ` precision mediump float; varying vec2 vTextureCoord; uniform sampler2D uSampler; uniform highp vec4 inputSize; uniform highp vec4 outputFrame; vec2 mapCoord( vec2 coord ) { coord *= inputSize.xy; coord += outputFrame.xy; return coord; } vec2 unmapCoord( vec2 coord ) { coord -= outputFrame.xy; coord /= inputSize.xy; return coord; } vec2 warpAmount = vec2( 2.0 / 34.0, 1.0 / 16.0 ); vec2 warp(vec2 pos) { pos = pos * 2.0 - 1.0; pos *= vec2( 1.0 + (pos.y * pos.y) * warpAmount.x, 1.0 + (pos.x * pos.x) * warpAmount.y ); return pos * 0.5 + 0.5; } void main() { vec2 coord = vTextureCoord; coord = mapCoord(coord ) /; coord = warp( coord ); coord = unmapCoord(coord *; gl_FragColor = texture2D( uSampler, coord ); } `); } }
  22. Hello, and Welcome to the forums! First, small thing: in both v4 and v5 application adds render() method in ticker if you dont stop it , so you dont have to add "renderer.render(stage)" there if you are not a fan of 120FPS. Filter approach: v5 does have a slight regression in terms of how can you set up uniforms: there is no automatic creation for them! Either you specify them in constructor, either you set them in `filter.uniforms` before the first render. Yes, you did that. But you assumed that "filter.uniforms.resolution" exists - it does not. That's the first problem - its your job to create arrays. Second problem is that "resolution" uniform exists and pixijs uploads there information different from what you want, it is mentioned in v5 docs here: , its modified here: Almost no mentions in docs about that, and PixiJS doesn't have a warning in case you use the same names as it does. I debug it by placing breakpoint in , and tracking which uniforms are uploaded, after that line it goes inside generated sync uniforms function where all is present. When it tried to upload [NaN, NaN] to resolution I realized what is wrong. So, lets rename it to "dimensions" or use already existing "". Shader approach: Filter input is a temporary framebuffer that contains rendered container. Why the heck do we need that if you do not use the input? Because v4 did not have good ways to specify shader except that. In v5 we have a mesh shader for such cases: , Lets copy it, and adjust the shader: dont use gl_FragCoord, use texture coords (uvs). Conclusion: PixiJS docs / wiki are still not enough for people to understand stuff about shaders. We need to improve them. However, I have two questions to you : did you at least read or did you not notice that it exists? Did you look at previous topic here at the forums about filter convertion? I mention "Shader Approach" very often. I've spent an hour to make that post. I will link it every next time someone else asks for filter convertion.
  23. Yes, there's no that thing. This application demonstrates a possibilities of engene in graphics and new some new features, so to not overcolplicate it I decide not to include price calculations in it. For price calculations you can look at another aplication from our site, for example Recliner Configurator.
  24. @Marino I recommend phaser. - It's easy to learn to learn. - There are more than 1000 examples. - There are at least 10 books about it. - It has a huge community that will make it easier to get support. - It comes with batteries included (its full of features) Good luck.
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  26. Phaser 3 repo is at Phaser 3 Docs are at If you clone the repo, the docs are in the 'docs' folder. eslintignore is nothing to do with docs. It's to do with what gets lint checked. However, there is no eslint file in the docs repo. There's also no 'npm build' command either, so you were looking in a different repo. Phaser 2 repo is at Phaser 2 docs are in the docs folder of that repo.
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