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Found 10 results

  1. Hiding and showing controls by using isVisible (like a Rectangle in this case) works if the control is not linked to a mesh by linkWithMesh. Once it is attached, the control stays visible. The inner controls (in my case the text inside the rectangle) can be hidden. See the playground https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/index.html#RBP60B#6 lines 35-42.
  2. After updating my project to use 3.0 last night, I am seeing a huge FPS dropoff. My (less powerfull) laptop is currently using my 2.5 version, iMac using 3.0 , to compare the two side by side to look for issues. Basically: 2.5 version renders at 30ish FPS on laptop 3.0, 0.6 FPS, consistently The only thing different I noticed in the engine info, is the currentBufferPointers in the 3.0 version has 15 null objects, whereas in 2.5, it's all filled out with actual objects. Could this somehow be related? Additional info: I'm building a card game, and rendering a large amount of planes/materials (700ish ATM), however, having no issues in 2.5 One thing I am doing that may be related (but I'm not sure what would have changed to cause the issue), is rendering all the hover states of the cards off the screen, in advance. When I comment out the hover states portion of my application, I can get FPS up to 20. I'm not exactly sure, but it almost seems like in 2.5 version, Babylon is being smart about not rendering the objects outside of the field of view? Also, I've noticed that when I enable the camera within my app and start to look around (so the whole stack of the hover states comes into view for instance), things start to get laggy. My other suspicion is: I am building an angular library wrapper which I am using within my project, which requires me to lazy load objects as it parses the dom structure. So point is, when iterating through the 120+ cards on application load, it's doing quite a bit of work the first time it renders. Was there anything added or changed in 3.0 related to how the FPS gets measured, or related to controlling how often the render loop fires? (pardon my ignorance if that isn't how the render loop works at all). So to clarify: I'm wondering if somehow the framework is detecting that the scene is busy, and since it is always busy on first load, it uses that as a benchmark as to how often it thinks it will be able to render, and then throttles the render loop accordingly?
  3. Latest NPM for BabylonJS 3.0 alpha includes Canvas2D! I am having difficulty importing Canvas2D into my project. I have no troubles at all with regular BabylonJS only with importing Canvas2D. // I can import the main babylonJS in a variety of ways and they all work. // explicit imports import { Sound, Mesh, ShadowGenerator, ... } from 'babylonjs' // default and named import BABYLON, { Sound, Mesh, ShadowGenerator, ... } from 'babylonjs' // tried also named default only and * After that I am importing the Canvas2D and have tried various ways. // named default import import Canvas2D from 'babylonjs/babylon.canvas2d' // as side-effect import from 'babylonjs/babylon.canvas2d' // explicit imports import { ScreenSpaceCanvas2D } from 'babylonjs/babylon.canvas2d' The error I am getting is "TypeError: Cannot read property 'Effect' of undefined". So, basically line 1 of babylon.canvas2d, where BABYLON is undefined. Removing those will fail later (ie: BABYLON.Vector2 being undefined). I was reading on the ES6 spec that there is no guarantee of ordering only that the imports will all be run before code is executed. I looked through other NPMs where I can import add on modules separately and they have extra declarations in package.json (ie: "jsnext:main": "index", "module": index") and they are exporting explicitly in index.js the other modules from the main project. I tried that and a few other things, but am unable to get Canvas2D to import unfortunately. If anybody has successfully imported BabylonJS without creating their own bundle any tips would be appreciated. I'm using webpack and babel (https://babeljs.io/).
  4. Hi all, I just find that EdgesRendering in the latest 3.0-beta is different from 2.5. see pg http://playground.babylonjs.com/#TM2NLD v2.5 http://playground.babylonjs.com/index2_5.html#TM2NLD Especially on my android phone. 2.5 lines are very clear, while 3.0 looks bad. but i want to use new gui which is only support for 3.0 ,do you guys konw how to show clear edgelines in 3.0? or please correct this pg http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/index2_5.html#1KYG17#1 so that i can use for 2.5
  5. Hi, have someone noticed drop in render quality in 3.0 version especially in mobile? I have model exported from unity and it is sharp in 2.5 but in 3.0 on mobile safari it look like it would be optimised by default or upscaled from very small size.
  6. Hello, There is a bug present with 3.0 only on latest Edge and Internet Explorer When having a bumpTexture with a pbr material the material renders black. I made a PG to test it : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/index.html#8I10UH
  7. Hi found error using 3.0 version on android and incremental loading babylon.js:9119 Uncaught TypeError: this._gl.vertexAttribDivisor is not a function at Engine._bindVertexBuffersAttributes (babylon.js:9119) at Engine.recordVertexArrayObject (babylon.js:9133) at Geometry._bind (babylon.js:42336) at Mesh._renderWithInstances (babylon.js:24450) at Mesh._processRendering (babylon.js:24459) at Mesh.render (babylon.js:24547) at SubMesh.render (babylon.js:26311) at Function.RenderingGroup.renderSorted (babylon.js:19730) at RenderingGroup.renderTransparentSorted (babylon.js:19709) at RenderingGroup.render (babylon.js:19685) at RenderingManager.render (babylon.js:19472) at Scene._renderForCamera (babylon.js:22125) at Scene._processSubCameras (babylon.js:22181) at Scene.render (babylon.js:22336) at Engine._renderLoop (babylon.js:8695) Galaxy Tab 3 Android version 4.4.2 Works fine with babylonjs 2.5. Will try to investigate more
  8. Hi, after upgrading to 3.0-alpha I see differences in directional light in my scene that I exported from unity. I attached images and babylon file to show the difference. Code for scene is: const canvas = document.querySelector("#renderCanvas") as HTMLCanvasElement; const engine = new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, true); let camera; BABYLON.SceneLoader.ShowLoadingScreen = false; BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load("src/","light-demo.babylon", engine, function(scene) { camera = new BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera("Camera", BABYLON.Tools.ToRadians(180), 0, 3, BABYLON.Vector3.Zero(), scene); scene.addCamera(camera); scene.setActiveCameraByName("Camera"); camera.attachControl(canvas, true); scene.clearColor = new BABYLON.Color4(0, 0, 0, 0); engine.runRenderLoop(function() { scene.render(); }); }); Maybe thats some material issue from untiy? light-demo.babylon
  9. Hi, I'm trying out the new 3.0 Preview -- upgrading from BJS 2.5. I have managed to work through some breaking changes and am stuck with an error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property source of [object Object] which has only a getter at Function.t.DeepCopy (...) at new r (...) at r.clone (...) I tried to reproduce with a PG and was expecting it to produce the above error on line 39 where I am cloning a mesh: http://babylonjs-playground.com/#NQHEE#0 So, my question is. Is there a difference between latest github preview (31efb0f commit) (https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/tree/master/dist/preview release) and PG 3.0-alpha? If they are the same then I will need to work harder to reproduce in a PG or fix! babylon.max.js line 6518 (destination[prop] = cloneValue(sourceValue, destination); It's happening on the property 'source'. Thanks.
  10. hi i'm using 3.x now.. I'm wondering how fast... do you kwow about this? if migrate 4.x from 3.x, tell me about good thing and bad thing thx
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