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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, this is my first game post here I think. I made a little game for js13k, though due to unforseen accident I got injured and got discharged from hospital today so I missed the deadline horribly xD. Well the game is working fine so I'll at least present it here for you guys :-). There are a few bugs which occur sometimes but the game mechanics itself are intact and work perfectly fine (ehm perfectlye ... kinda hopefuly perfectly fine), there are no sounds and not many animations, I will be upgrading the game with time after I get better. Theme was: Reversed. Total size (zip): 10kB (out of 13 possible kB). It's endless scroller action game, get the highest score possible and post it here! I got up to 35950 so far but I'm going to get more hopefuly. Link to the game is here. I tested the game in latest chrome and firefox and everything worked fine (firefox is way faster for me but it's the same with any other game so I guess it's just the browser thing in my case?). Game has some basic resize mechanism so it should fit to different screen sizes, unfortunately playable only on computer (I haven't implemented any other controls but keyboard - I'll give it more polishing and refactor the whole thing after I get better). The game has progressive elements, the longer you can manage to survive the better, difficulty increases as well as your ship's getting stronger. Link to the game is here. Some screenshots: I'd love to hear your opinions so please don't hesitate to bash me! :-) Best regards, AzraelTycka. EDIT: corrected few bugs and polished the game mechanics to make it more entertaining.
  2. In a previous post I asked for game hosting but I have successfully uploaded this game to a number of sites. You can play the game live on Kongregate here Clementine Scroller game Just an update on a previous post but needed a new thread
  3. Finished my new game, Clementine. The link is here: Clementine Game it is a flappy bird style scroller I would it published on another site for free. If you have a site I could publish it on please contact me here Screenshot
  4. Hey guys, didn't have time to make a proper game this month so I subscribed to the Ludum Dare #26 "Minimalism". The first thing I thought when I read the theme was a frogger. Don't know why but it stuck. Then my friend told me about the minimalism art movement and I adapted the game to the theme. I think it fit the theme. It's about a frog that is trapped inside a Mondrian's painting. The goal is to jump as far as possible. Play it here: http://doobdargent.com/1GAM/mondrianFrogger/ Hope you like it! Cheers.
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