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Found 5 results

  1. Tired of slow and noncommunicating developers? Efficiency is the goal With over 5 years of professional work including Phaser with both Javascript and Typescript, I will turn your ideas into reality! Here is some work that speaks for itself wildgamedeveloper@gmail.com Super Combat Squadron - A fully fledged RTS made in Phaser Frinchinqo - Cryptocurrency based gambling app Universe Hopper - Made for LD36 in just under 3 days using Phaser Infectoids - Made for LD38 in just under 3 days using Phaser In my free time I
  2. Hello! You probably know me from the free Phaser tutorials that I have made on Youtube Here is the newest one that I have published. Now I want to take your requests, what do you want me to feature? Is there a certain topic that you would like me to cover and go over? Please reply to this post with your suggestions! Here is the video that tells you a bit more about me Thank you all! <3
  3. Hey guys, I have a question about game loops for large games in javascript. I am making a tycoon style game where at any time I can have many Sales Men who are working simultaneously. This means they all need to have accsess to the GAMELOOP at any given time. I have provided pseudo code on how I currently do this, however this feels messy. The code is simply, making two Sales Men, setting there current task with the assignJob function, then the loop will detect their Job and add to there profit. Is there a better way to do this (inside the step function)? init();//Set JobsassignJob(S
  4. Hey guys. I decided to write a tutorial on how to build maps in Tiled and use them in Phaser. The main focus is using many Tiled maps in a single Phaser map. This makes creating content much easier as you don't have to do much world building in code. This is my first tutorial, so if anyone does read it I would love any feedback. Feel free to ask any questions here as well. I use Phaser 2.3.0 dev in this tutorial, as it exposes the "type" properties in Tile maps. It covers building two Tiled maps, a world and a house to put in that world. This includes moving Tilemaps around and getting colli
  5. Seeking an Advanced HTML5 Game Developer willing to take OIP (Online Interactive Project) to the next level. Previously programmed in AS3 (Action Script 3.0), we want to bring our game development to tablets and mobile devices. If you are interested please follow on twitter > pjkilby NOTE: We aren't looking to transfer the earlier programming of AS3 to HTML5; we are simply looking to program our MMOCC into HTML5 rather than flash. All Aboard!
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