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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, I did an arcade game, where you discover and study strange animals. You can try it here: Exterium Right now I am gathering feedback, so please have a look and let me know how it can be further improved Play Exterium here and let me know what you think of it.
  2. hi there i want to someone kindly explain me how can i have a group of different elements(sprites) in phaser. ive been working with groups like : group1 =[ x1,x2,x3,x4,...xn] (all are X sprites) i want to have a group like group2 = [x1,z1,z2,y1,z3....] and so on. how i can populate it? a good example will be awesome
  3. Hi there! To celebrate the World Cup, me and my friends will create internal game jams/challenge to create as many complete/polished football-themed HTML5 games as possible throughout the month. Although we say as many as possible, we predict it will be no more than 2 games a week to a total of 8 games by the end of World Cup Just before the World Cup starting, we finished one games called 'Goal Champion'! Updates will also be posted in this post. Check it out on our Total Football Games site. Hope you enjoy playing them! Site: Finished Games: ================================================ CLOSING Our project is finally finished now, just one week after the closing of World Cup It's really intense experience though. We might have meet obstacle in the middle, but after finishing all the games, we learned a lot. We have better understanding of Phaser, our game development workflow, and our time management/priority issue. Hopefully we can do fun project like this again in the future
  4. Rune

    Experiment 12

    I recently took part in a collaboration with a bunch of other devs. The result is Experiment 12, a 12 chapter chain game...where each person played the previous games in the chain and had 3 days to make a game. My chapter was made in HTML5, and so was Chapter 3. You can play my chapter, Chapter 11, here. Or you can download the whole thing here