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Found 8 results

  1. The 7th FiMaRu Battle starts now! The theme is: Moon You can register and submit your entries here: Good luck everyone!
  2. Hi Everyone! The Forest Battle has officially begun! Details in brief: - No entry fee - $100 prize for the winner - Of course, it's still your game afterwards Check out the last battle here, the full contest rules here, and as always, let me know if you have any questions. Good luck! -Evan
  3. This week is FightMagicRun's 5th 48 hour game competition. It ends 2 days from now. And the theme for this week is... LAVA! Good luck everyone!
  4. It's on! Battle: "Dirt" has officially started! There are a ton of possibilities with dirt.. digging, cleaning, being a zombie and trying to escape from your grave. There's "Dig Dug," "Minecraft," "Kitchen Cleaning Selena Gomez"... Who doesn't love a good dirt game? This battle also has an etherpad on the dirt page for brainstorming, posting demos, introducing yourself, or finding teammates. If you want to play the games from the first three contests, they're all here. In other news, FiMaRu is pink now.
  5. Rev up your game engines. The 3rd FiMaRu battle is starting August 2nd. In the first two battles, we saw entries with Construct2, GameMaker, Easel, and Metrix.js. All dev methods are welcome as long it results in HTML5. As far as types of games, we've seen 3d flight simulators, runners, matching games, platformers, and so on. For those who haven't been part of a contest yet, these are the games that have entered so far if you want an idea of what we usually see: Both winners of the $100 prize have been from this forum, so you're in good company if you decide to participate. Feel free to hit reply if you have any questions about FiMaRu #3.
  6. FeatherUp is a super simple arcade game I made in less than 24 hours for the FiMaRu feather contest. You simply fly around trying to get feathers to keep your feather power up while grabbing coins on the way. PLAY ^
  7. Submarine Escape is a game, in which you have to go with your submarine as far as possible. Avoid obstacle and collect fuel so you earn more score. So feel free to play the game and compare your results with the 10 best players in the online highscore table. Home page: Run! Screens:
  8. After the amazing entries last week, I'm excited to announce the second FiMaRu Battle, which is set to kick off in about 37.5 hours (5 PM Pacific Time). If you missed out on last week, the entries were awesome. Really looking forward to revealing the theme tomorrow. Hope to see you there!