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Found 5 results

  1. Update - the game is now available on Google Play as a native app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.afgt.naval The link http://www.askforgametask.com/mobile/games/naval/ Description Naval Battle is an HTML5 arcade game in which your mission is to destroy a fleet of enemy cargo ships before they deliver ammunition and provisions to the enemy troops. You are the commander of the VIC Victory, a fast light tank used by the Mobile Costal Artillery in defending a country against sea attacks. Your tank is armed with a limitless supply of anti-ship shells, but be aware that only one shell can be in view at a time! You have only 70 seconds to sink all enemy ships. They are not armed, but they are protected by the gun fire from a fortified enemy battery on the other side of the bay. And they are moving with different speeds. So you need to aim very carefully! The game ends if you fail to complete the mission within the 70-second time limit or if your tank is destroyed by enemy gun fire. Controls Use the left and right keys to move. Use the up or space key to fire. Screenshots
  2. Hi everybody, I want to present you our new game. An evil bunch of fish appeared in the ocean and started eating small jellyfish! Help them! The layers of jellyfish protect each other until they turn into a big strong jellyfish and embark on its own adventure. Collect bonuses, unlock difficulty levels and achievements. Controls: mouse only. Play game! Any tips and testing results on mobiles are apperciated
  3. Hi guys! I'm working on realistic ocean simulation for a browser game at the moment. The best known way to simulate ocean waves is Jerry Tessendorf's method with statistical model. I won't paste any formulas here for simplification, so here is core problem: calculations are expensive and I don't want to compute water heightmap by CPU in browser because the algorithm may be paralleled very well and GPU is able to compute the grid much faster. Is there any way to use GPU computing from babylon.js? I'm thinking about using shader with texture renderTarget to generate heightmap and then use the results in physics simulation in javascript and pass it to the shader material for rendering water surface. Is it worth or not? Can anyone suggest any other methods? Thanks!
  4. Hello everybody, I thought I would share my latest game. This was an attempt to create something old-school which might have a market in fledgling html5 portals but with a modern, sleek revision. What I came up with feels quite good and is definitely a mile-stone in my work, so I thought I would share it. Platforms: Desktop and Mobile Controls: Mouse/Touch >>Play<< Thoughts, etc. are appreciated. If you'd like to see more of my work, my portfolio can be found here: www.creativeinkgames.com/games. Ryan
  5. Submarine Escape is a game, in which you have to go with your submarine as far as possible. Avoid obstacle and collect fuel so you earn more score. So feel free to play the game and compare your results with the 10 best players in the online highscore table. Home page: http://www.raiper34.net/en Run! Screens:
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