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Found 17 results

  1. Hi Guys! I am a professional web developer and recently started a journey on my Instagram (@mathewjames.dev) learning and developing a HTML5 game. The code base is entirely open source at my GitHub if anyone is interested!
  2. ArgentumOnline.io is an open source multiplayer web game. You can check the source code here: https://github.com/horacioMartinez/argentumonline.io And play it here In game screenshot:
  3. Dakara Online is a medieval MMORPG made using PIXIjs, jqueryui, howlerjs and much more. The source code is available, the client is released under the MIT license and the server under the GPL. Its based on an argentinian MMORPG called Argentum Online. GAME LINK: http://web.dakara.com.ar/ SOURCE CODE LINK: https://github.com/horacioMartinez/dakara-client
  4. A while ago I wrote an HTML5 game called "Crucial Pain" for outofscope dev. We now decided to open source it and I wrote an article about the development process and the decision to make it free. You can read it here. download it from the AppStore for free (no ads) https://github.com/outofscopedev/crucial-pain
  5. I'm looking for a part-time coder to work with me on free open source turn based strategy game called Ancient Beast. The official website is https://AncientBeast.com with repository over here https://github.com/FreezingMoon/AncientBeast More details about the job are available in the latest blog post http://ancientbeast.com/blog/2016-02-1/ along with application form. You can also drop by the chat page, I'm around a few hours each day http://ancientbeast.com/chat/ Edit: You can register on bouty source and click the green button to become a bounty hunter and get notified when there is money offered to fix certain issues https://www.bountysource.com/teams/ancientbeast
  6. https://okaybenji.itch.io/bitbout A single-screen, local competitive platformer 2-4 players duke it out while trying not to fall to their doom. Each player has 3 lives and limited HP. Last bit standing wins! Code, design and music by Benji Kay. @okaybenji Art and animation by Adam Bing. @Exciteless Source code is on Github. Written with Phaser, with chiptune2.js for SFX and music. Supports PS4 DualShock 4 and Xbox One controllers! This is my first game release. I would love to hear some feedback. Thanks so much for taking a look!
  7. Hey all, I was wondering what you fine folk think of the platform Patreon. To be honest, I'm a little back and forth about it. It seems like a good thing and in theory would be a really cool way to fund creative endeavours that aren't designed to turn a profit, but can spur good in a variety of other ways. For some reason though accepting money via donations throws up some weird ethical issues within me that I can't quite pinpoint. Does anyone else share these feelings? I think potentially a pretty cool model could be as follows: A developer starts making some open-source, creative commons friendly games. The development of these games would be just like any other, with all graphics, music, story, etc. from scratch (and hopefully of a solid, consistent quality). The games would have no monetization whatsoever (no ads, no microtransactions, etc.), but there would be an accompanying Patreon page for the developer, if fans were interested in supporting further. Ideally the games would target two audiences: Players who're just generally interested in playing a good quality, legitimately free game Aspiring developers who really like and/or are inspired by the characters/plot/scenery/music/anything in the game Regarding target audience #2: I think it's safe to say a great many of us share memories of wanting to use a beloved video game character in a creation of our own. Not necessarily to profit off of, but just to make an awesome game (or movie, or anything) with characters we love. For me those characters definitely came from The Legend of Zelda. But of course, if you start making your own games with copyrighted characters, someone in the legal department of some massive company or another isn't going to be happy about it. SO the reason I think a project like this could be so cool for target audience #2, is that if they genuinely liked the characters (or music, or scenery, or whatever) in this open source game, they would be absolutely free (heck, encouraged) to go nuts and make stuff to their hearts content, publish wherever, and do whatever with. If the developer was able to make enough to live off of, and just spend their time creating games... Well I think that'd be a pretty awesome life. Because lets face it, I think a lot of us would continue to putter around and spend our time coding games and random stuff even if we made the next angry birds and bought an Aston Martin. I know I would... So why not try to build a fan base who could support you while you just spend your time making the stuff you love to make anyways, and just worry about delivering awesome stuff? Whew I wrote a whole essay there. I hope I described my point well enough... TL/DR: Do you think a developer making legitimately free, open-source, CC friendly games (the assets of which were encouraged to be used by creative fans) could viably support themselves in an ethical fashion via monthly donations with a Patreon page? In terms of viability, I'm fairly sure it would take a long time to build up such a presence and a fan-base, but certainly a massive dissatisfaction (in terms of marketing-lingo) a project like this would have over it's competitors would be it's true freeness of play AND lack of stifling copyright law.
  8. Any chance we could get a section on the forums dedicated to tuts and another dedicated to open source code. I have found some good code by searching but it would be nice to have a section.I think this would help out.
  9. Hello, Today I released the commercial version of Phaser Editor and opened the source code (MIT) in Bitbucket. Read more.. Best regards, Arian
  10. For those of you that have used Steam Big Picture, you know how awesome the Daisywheel on-screen keyboard is. Basically, its a radial keyboard alternative to the awful QWERTY layout that console developers have using. I've had such a great experience using it, I've ported it to Javascript and the HTML5 Gamepad API. The source can be found on Github, and I'm calling it DaisywheelJS. Screenshot Setup This project was designed specifically with HTML5 game development in mind. Installation and setup are detailed in the docs, but its as simple as including the `daisywheel` CSS class or calling `load()`. Using the input DOM element: <input class="daisywheel" type=text />or, calling it manually (for use with Canvas games): //When the Daisywheel should appearDaisywheel.load(function(symbol) { console.log(symbol);});There are even options that allow for use with webfonts and emojis. Feedback / Troubleshooting Feedback is welcome! Leave your comments below or message me @likethemammal. As I mentioned above, the source is on Github. It was written using React.js and Flux (if you're a JS dev who's interested). If you like this project, you can support it on Patreon. There, you can vote on controller support, the feature schedule, and get on the beta-testing mailing list. This is a young tool, and the Gampad API is still experimental technology. If you have trouble connecting your controller to the browser, you can find help on the main DaisywheelJS site.
  11. Hi guys I have made a match 3 game and open-sourced it (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0) since it's a popular genre that many developers end up making at some point. The match 3 logic is in it's own .js file so you can easily take it for use in your own projects. Here is the link Open Match 3 Game If you follow the link you can download or fork the code to edit directly in your browser. Please let me know what you think
  12. So I am looking for open source projects whether they are finished or still in the works. It doesn't have to be HTML5, js. It can be any type of open source game project, .NET, php, ect.
  13. Super Pyro Runner is an open source endless runner with emphasis on shooting (yeah!). It started as a tile engine test for my new 2D game engine/framework jgame.js, but it got a little out of hand. This is also my first source release of jgame.js, which is a revised port of JGame. Note that most of the game's graphics are procedurally generated. Play the game here. Get the Android version on Google Play (based on gles.js). Get the source here. UPDATE: it's now on the Ouya appstore as well.
  14. Hello! I have an open source turn based strategy game that's running quite an old version of Phaser 1.1.3. I tried migrating to version 2.0.5 today but I couldn't pull it off and ended up reverting my attempt. I'm rather noobish when it comes to Phaser, so I could really use some help porting to the newer version. You'll get credited and also receive reputation points and will share your website on the project's own website and such. The github is https://github.com/FreezingMoon/AncientBeast - issue https://github.com/FreezingMoon/AncientBeast/issues/718 Official website http://AncientBeast.com - I'm constantly on Freenode in #AncientBeast channel, any help greatly appreciated! I've attached a rather old screenie below :-)
  15. Breakout I'm more than happy to release my first finished game. I made it specially for this project: http://city41.github.io/breakouts/ So soon I hope it will appear on the list, and for now you can play it here: http://mihail.ilinov.eu/games/PhaserBreakout/ Source code here: https://github.com/MikeMnD/PhaserBreakout I've made some gameplay changes compared to the other engine ports/versions and they are more like bonus features. If you press: "B" you will toggle mouse/keyboard control If you press: "S" you will toggle a "shake" effect If you press: "V" you will spawn a ball (there is no collision check till the countdown ends so don't freak out if the ball pop out of the game bounds. Other things it that you can save a ball if hit it with the vertical side of the paddle but only if it hit the top half - I call it "action save" or "phew just in time save" Also when multiple balls are in game they collide with each other.
  16. Ironbane is an open source cooperative action MMO played straight from your browser, using 3D graphics and a retro graphics style. The game focuses on simple gameplay without leveling and combat using swords, axes, daggers, bows and magic staves. Our intention is to create a vast alive and immersive world. The main objective of the game is to defeat Ironbane, a dragon hiding in a castle waiting for a challenger. Future updates will include the ability to buy houses, participate in player arenas, do quests, make use of transports such as hot air balloons, boats and trains and many other things that we are still thinking of. Play the game at http://www.ironbane.com/ Looking for programmers Are you looking for a fun side project to work on? Ironbane runs in the browser and is on the cutting edge of web technology. It will be also great for your portfolio as we are an already mature project (started in Feb 2012). How's the code like? Ironbane runs on pure Javascript, on both client and server. Javascript is arguably an easy language to work with, and it allows you to program more productively with easy debugging and no need to recompile (atleast on the client). What am I allowed to work on? Anything you like! You can work on the game code, the 3D renderer, boss scripts, forum software, or others! You can work on whatever you want to work on, you basically have the power to change anything you like. All the source code is waiting for you on GitHub. With that said, you need to learn how to use Git if you haven't yet. It's an incredible powerful tool and you will need it at some point in your life anyway. What's Git? I'm scared! No need to be. Read this tutorial, it explains Git well and will get you up and running in no time. How do I contribute? By making pull requests on the repository you're working on! It's that simple. Make a pull request and one of the lead developers will check it out and give you feedback. If the code looks fine, it will be pushed live to Ironbane.com instantly. Start by reading the Getting started pages on the GitHub repository. If you need help, feel free to make an issue there or here on the forums. Also looking for a Project Manager Ironbane is a fun project to work on, but I have to focus on code and cannot at the same time manage a project, because it takes up too much of my time. If you have experience and motivation to manage a group of ~10 people as well as the general direction of the game, drop me a line. Contact E-mail : [email protected] Skype: janssen.n You can also contact me or a team member using our forum. Screenshots
  17. Hi there, I'm currently working on an open source game project called Regeneration (see here: http://github.com/Truemedia/Regeneration-Primer) and am looking for anyone who wants to collaborate with me on it and make something interesting and powerful, whether it be programming, designing, graphics, story or music. The idea behind this software is that it is extremely moddable in that: - No install/compiling script needed - Uses latest javascript technologies to make the game modular and interchangable in the components that make up a game (RequireJS/AMD, CDN loaded code) - Relies on most commonly used JS libraries in AMD format (Bootstrap, jQuery, Modernizr, RequireJS, KnockoutJS, Crafty) - Directory structure and modular code concepts borrowed from other open source projects - Already supports language switching (via dropdown at bottom of page), theme selection, audio, and canvas area (currently using Crafty) - Already has fully expandable points, health, inventory, character selection, blog feed api, controls input and instructions, death event, and custom events I'm trying to make a zombie style survival game at the minute using it but I want to make the architecture of the game so powerful that anyone can reuse the code to make massive games quite easily, but without the limitations of most quick game development tools. Also I want to keep this open source so that the core game software will always be available, but anyone can make money from modding the software if they want to. Anyone can join the project and contribute what they like whenever they like, but would really like to work on some games with other people because Iv'e only ever worked on this project alone (Everything you see in the project including the programming, graphics, music, and design has all be done by me so far). A bit of background on me for anyone interested in my capabilities as a HTML5 game developer: Main work revolves around PHP, been a PHP Back-end developer by job description since 2010, learned it as my first programming language more than 5 years agoDone various pieces of front end web development during past 3 years and this year learned to use a lot of very new and very powerful tools and frameworks and feel comfortable with JavaScriptCan product music tracks and proffessional audio recordings (studied music technology for 3 years at college) and producing/composing audio tracks is my second strongest skillsetCapable of producing pixel art to a basic level (I have done a lot of pixel art Iv'e done over the years, and i tend to only struggle with drawing vehicles or humans)Familliar with most of the new aspects CSS3 and HTML5 bring to the browser and had chance to code and try out these new techniquesIf anyone want to contribute just let me know below or fork the software and change it in anyway you like. I'm happy to answer any questions or open to any ideas for the project below.
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