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Found 3 results

  1. We want to bring in html5 games with new look by making 3d games. Dumadu has developed more than 100 casual games for mobiles using Unity and these are 3d games. Our team is recreating these successful games and adding new games every week. In a couple of months we are going to produce 100 html5 3d games. Anyone is interested in partnering for publishing or acquiring games or licenses, get in touch with me at arif@dumadu.com
  2. Hi, Please check the following link to see our second HTML5 game "Memory Scanning" ! , It is a brain game, nice way to develop player's memorizing capability, at the same time they will enjoy the game play with great sound effect. Game link: http://games.gappsstudio.com/memory_scanning Please contact gappsstudiodev@gmail.com to buy the non-exclusive license Game video link: https://youtu.be/B3h2Mlg8aCA Supported to every mobile browser and desktop/laptop browsers. Short Description:Memory / brain game with totally different experience in terms of game play. You will be shown some o
  3. Hey guys! Currently, our company can offer a whole bunch of awesome cross-platform html5 games for non-exclusive license. Every game supports most screen resolutions and can be run on almost any mobile device. You can check them out by following links: http://true-token.com/casuals/public/bluebox2/http://true-token.com/casuals/public/bubblegame/http://true-token.com/casuals/public/caesar/http://true-token.com/casuals/public/cooking/http://true-token.com/casuals/public/fancy/http://true-token.com/casuals/public/hunterwillie/http://true-token.com/casuals/public/mysterious_treasures/http://true-t
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