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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, 2017 is ending and we want to share with you the plan we have for 2018. Phaser v3 Yes, to support Phaser v3 is the main target of 2018. What we are going to do is to keep supporting both Phaser v2 (with the Phaser Editor v1 series) and Phaser v3 (with a new Phaser Editor v2 series). This means that we are going to develop two different products in parallel, Phaser Editor v1, and Phaser Editor v2. In terms of licenses, it keeps the same, you will be able to unlock any version of the editor with the same license key. Phaser Editor v1 Right now, Phaser v2 is the recommended version of Phaser to create serious projects, for that reason, we are going to keep updating Phaser Editor v1. However, no new features will be added, with the exception of Tilemap and BitmapFont support for the scene editor. As soon as Phaser v3 gets stable and production ready we are going to stop the Phaser Editor v1 updates. Phaser Editor v2 The Phaser Editor v2 series will be the first version to support Phaser v3. The fact that Phaser v3 breaks with many of the Phaser v2 API and tooling, allow us to do deeper/breaking changes in many aspects of the editor too. These are some of the changes we have in mind: New JavaScript tooling based on the Language Server Protocol and the TypeScript Server. We are evaluating two Eclipse implementations: TypeScript IDE and BlueSky. A new windows layout more friendly to scene creators. A more friendly assets manager and navigator. New asset formats and editors to help professional teams to split the workflow and share the resources across different projects. We are looking forward to creating the basis for a future asset store. A scene editor based on WebKit, to build scenes based on Phaser. The current scene editor is based on JavaFX, that is a powerful and stable toolkit, but a Phaser based implementation is going to allow any kind of objects (like emitters or lights) that are Phaser dependent and hard to simulate with JavaFX or any other external technology. Just look the current Text implementation, it renders too different in JavaFX and Browser. At the same time, we look forward to creating a simple extension system, to allow users to create custom properties and operations, in JavaScript. The drawback with the Phaser based solution is the stability of the Phaser implementation, for that reason, this is going to be a change we will do at the end of 2018. We are thinking on create a Phaser Editor Designer Edition. Basically the same Phaser Editor, but only with the tooling to manage the assets and create the scenes. This could work for team members that are not coders, or coders that are coding with other editors. We believe that Eclipse is a powerful platform to create video-games tools. If there is something is disturbing in Phaser Editor, it is because of our implementation, but Eclipse has all the potential. We should work more on this, on the improvement of the current elements, and catch the spirit of game creation. Going in this direction, at the same time of improving the current tooling, we have some "crazy" ideas, related to a Phaser Editor Server. We are cooking the idea of connecting the core of Phaser Editor with dedicated web applications. Just imagine that in your team, the level makers can connect to a shared Phaser Editor workspace (in your network, we are not thinking on build our own cloud) by just opening its web browser, and start creating there, with a free-distraction application just made for them. That's the concept, lightweight client applications dedicated to specific tasks or roles (packing, coding, leveling, gaming), as a complement (and connected) to the traditional huge IDE. This is not going to happen soon, but we keep that in mind. The online Phaser Chains, our first tool related to Phaser, will be updated to support Phaser v3, but we are going to develop it again from scratch, with some nice ideas that we are going to implement after the docs tooling of Phaser v3 is complete. Learning resources Right now the main resource to learn Phaser Editor is the documentation. There are some tutorials from the community and from us, but yet it needs much more. To write detailed tutorials is really time-consuming, so we have to look for alternatives. Something we can do is to create more demos, a demo together with a small article pointing the key aspects of the demo. Eclipse community One of the nicest surprises of 2017 was the contact we had with the Eclipse community. An article about Phaser Editor was included in the Eclipse Newsletter of November and users from this community sent us congratulations and shown interest in the editor. We want to keep this contact. As we mentioned before, we are going to include the new Language Server Protocol, a field where Eclipse is putting energy, but also we want to collaborate more with it, especially with TypeScript IDE and BlueSky. At the same time, we have the plan to create mini tutorials about the Eclipse Workbench, that is a powerful tool full of tricks and utilities, that are present in Phaser Editor but probably many of the non-Eclipse users just don't know. Rebranding As you can note, we are redirecting all the traffic to our new address https://PhaserEditor2D.com. We created Boniatillo.com (boniatillo is a funny/easy-to-remember nickname that makes reference to a Cuban popular food) as a personal place to host any kind of idea or project, but Phaser Editor is demanding its own space! Together with the new website name, we changed the other related accounts (is better now than later!): GitHub https://github.com/PhaserEditor2D/PhaserEditor (we renamed the user boniatillo-com to PhaserEditor2D) Twitter https://twitter.com/PhaserEditor2D (@boniatillo_com was renamed to @PhaserEditor2D, so followers, messages, and tweets remain, however, we renamed an old personal account to @boniatillo_com to catch the users coming from older links). Facebook https://facebook.com/PhaserEditor2D (this change is not ready yet, Facebook takes its time to do Page renames). Online Phaser Chains https://Chains.PhaserEditor2D.com Support email [email protected] (the old [email protected] available) Note we added the 2D word to the website and accounts. We like it, it adds a sense of visuality and gaming, so we will use the names Phaser Editor or Phaser Editor 2D without distinction, both talks about the same product. Please, if you have links to our website or accounts, update them! Best regards, Arian
  2. Morning! I've been wanting to put some work together and try to apply to some mobile/web game studios and I really want to know the best way to approach the market. Still images? Animations? Small games? What would be impressive? I had an idea to look thru bad games on mobile market and make fake screenshots of how it could look? If anyone has any portfolios they think are good representations that would be awesome! Let's talk!
  3. Hello! I'm a 13 year old game developer from England and I really wanna make a game. I don't have too many ideas for one right now but I can program in HTML5. I've been programming for about 4 years and I think I'm pretty good at it. Also I'm terrible at finishing projects to keep that in mind. Oh yeah: I'm also home-schooled so I have a fair amount of free time. Here's my website: http://jaaay.net/ and here's my Twitter: https://twitter.com/jaaaaaaaaay__ Also I am looking for someone around my age.
  4. Hello, fellow forum dwellers. I am a game developer. I've been making games for about 7 years, since before I was a teenager. The reason I created this topic is because there is a definite problem in the world of game development, in particular, the commercial realm, where HTML5 games are being sold and licensed out to gaming portals. During the years that I made games, I often would copy other people's ideas. At the beginning all I wanted to do was clone Chip's Challenge, because that was my favorite game when I was growing up... and I wanted to make my version of the game, with levels designed by me, with new things and ideas that I had thought of, that I thought would be cool additions to the game. not Chip's Challenge, but (freeware)Tim's Titanic Test! As I progressed in programming expertise, my games were more like mix ups between games. I would take ideas from my most favorite games, and combine them all to make a totally new creation. Even now I will occasionally create a "clone" or "ripoff" of someone else' game idea(putting my own personal spin on the idea, of course), however, these games have all been freeware... because I was cloning them for fun, not for money. Making games has been a thrilling and exciting hobby for me all these years... and I think that cloning other people's games is an acceptable practice, up to a point. You see, all the games I copied, I copied for fun... I wasn't selling any of these games. All of my clones were freeware, and that meant I wasn't trying to profit off of someone else' creativity or hard work, I was simply trying to grow and improve as a game developer. I've given a lot of consideration to this topic and I believe it is wrong to take/steal other people's ideas for your own financial gain, unless, of course, you get their expressed permission. I think this goes for everything, not just games. That's why we have patents, because they encourage creativity and new inventions. The ability to create new things without the fear that everyone is going to steal it and leave you in the dust with $0 in your pocket. I'm a game developer, and I know what it's like to be an inventor, to discover an idea that is original, and then to have someone come along and steal that idea, and use it not only to make money, but also to make it less likely that someone will want my idea when they might have already bought a cheap clone of it. eat a cookie or a cupcake... and leave behind four spikes... Having one of my game ideas stolen has helped me to be even more firm in my standings. I have resolved not to steal other people's ideas... because if I do steal, then I'm just as bad as the people who steal from me. Has anyone ever cloned one of your games? Have you ever cloned someone's game? Please discuss.
  5. Shimpei Takahashi: Play this game to come up with original ideas http://www.ted.com/talks/shimpei_takahashi_play_this_game_to_come_up_with_original_ideas
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