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Found 6 results

  1. Play Dodge This! Project trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxdGCpvh0jM Dodge This is a minimalist puzzle web game, where the goal is to eliminate all enemies with a single shot. Try to bounce as little as possible to meet the par. 30 levels are available for now. It's a solo project and it's part of a "12 web games developed in 12 months" series. I've used Cocos Creator and Typescript for the development. Thanks for playing!
  2. Play Wobbly Dot! Wobbly Dot is my latest browser game, a minimalist themed arcade where the goal is to navigate through dangerous mazes. It should be simple enough, except that your avatar is not moving in a straight line There are 30 levels that will test your reflexes. Complete them within the time limit to collect stars, which you can use to unlock more avatar skins. Made with Cocos Creator (and Typescript). Thank you for playing!
  3. (Pup)Pet! A minimalist yet colorful simple arcade timer-based game. The goal is to not have your line cut by the slices, while also keeping your pup well fed off dog bones (food meter is white bar across top) How long can you and your puppy last? If you could please give my game a quick play and leave some feedback on the itch.io page. Thank you all so much! A html5 browser playable game: https://suburb-boone.itch.io/puppet Made for the Weekly Game Jam
  4. Hi guys here is a game I made a few months back, Lectro. It's a minimalist arcade game where you move from dot to do trying not to miss. Web/HTML5 Play in desktop or mobile browser here The game is also available on The App Store Google Play
  5. Hello, I started out building a "number pattern hunt" game, ended up building a math puzzle game that involves modular arithmetic and prime numbers. It's deceptively simple, and plays like Minesweeper meets 2048. URL: http://zero.karaniwan.org/
  6. Sida Semen is a joke - impossible game. All the goals you have to done in this game are getting the points as more as possible and don't be killed by the HIV virus Of course, the game is also has a mini achievement board. With a little more care, you guys can achieve them easily FYI, Sida Semen is joining in a small competition of Greedygame. Please click the rate button, even share the game to your friends if you really like it! You can play here: http://market.greedygame.com/play/64278271 (And also thanks lessmilk for the raw idea)
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