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Found 5 results

  1. I've been working on an open world project that involves a lot of loading and unloading of assets. (A virtual museum of Earth history.) SceneLoader.LoadAssetContainerAsync() seems to be the only means of tracking which and when new assets have been loaded, as SceneLoader.LoadAsync() returns only the current scene. Where I'm running into trouble is the end of the life cycle. AssetContainer does not have a dispose() method. My attempts to manually create one have thus far ended in halt & catching fire. The removeAllFromScene() method will dispose of the assets* but I'm still left with a
  2. I have finally finished one of my careers biggest games yet. It's a game meant to showcase the company I work at: Brandlift. It encompasses 1 big world and 9 minigames and 9 playable characters. Be sure to keep music and sound effects on . It has 3 different resolutions: 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 960x540, which is chosen depending on your screens size. Hope you enjoy! http://brandlift-ssl.eu/bl_game/
  3. Hello. I am here because I want some thoughts or feedback on a hobby project of mine. I have had the idea for the project for many years, but the actual end goal and what technologies to use to realize it, has changed over time. I have not really felt it was possible to carry out the idea until now. The project is my hobby project, and I don't want it to become a commercial money driven project. I refer to it as "by developers, for players and developers". I want to try to work towards realizing the idea, whatever size or speed. So if I am the only one interested, I can continue to have th
  4. Hexdro


    Created my first app/game! There's a demo version, and a paid full version. The only difference is in one you can save and in the other you cant (as it's a demo...) - The demo is a try-before you buy sort of thing. The game is a text adventure, though trying to bring something fresh to the genre. It's heavily inspired by Minecraft, the game is an openworld sandbox. It's coded in HTML/Javascript though i used webview for the android game. If you go to play/download the game - PLEASE read the commands first otherwise you will probably be confused as to how to play. I will be giving the gam
  5. Hello there, I was asking my self what are babylon's limits ? Can i imagine to build an fps open world game with forest, mountains etc ... or is it impossible ?
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