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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All, I'm new here, So first of all, Kudos to all working in BJS. I'm impressed. And Kudos to the community, as I can see it is a very active community. Coming to my problem, I have a babylon file, which contains a set of meshes, each having its own key-framed animations. After a lot of trial and error, I could animate them using scene.beginAnimation(mesh, 1, 100, false, 0.6, function() {}); And Iam not sure what values I need to give for speedratio, I tried with 1 and couple of other numbers and right now on 0.6. Yay ! now it is working. It Played. Now I have two problems or worries, 1. I had to cycle through a loop to animate the each of these meshes found inside this file, while I have attached them all into one parent (empty) node, so that I thought if I can say BeginAnimation on that mesh, the rest of the child will play the keyframes... but nothing happened... so I had to end up cycling through the whole set of meshes in the scene and animate them if the the names match. 2. Now I tried to reverse the animation cycle, to play it backwards, all it does is jumps back to the first frame. I tried different way, I gave different combinations like below, changed from as 100, and to as 1, changed speedratio as -0.6, but no effect. scene.beginAnimation(mesh, 100, 1, false, -0.6, function() {} ); looking for some enlightenment on both of these. Thanks and Keep up the good work.
  2. Hi Guys, I am new to interactive HTML5 stuff, so I'm hoping you good folks can help me with this. I'm no professional developer, but I am a professional audio editor. I have a little bit of experience with HTML code and javascript/c# and enjoy working on small projects as a sideline. To make my first interactive/game-like project a bit easier, I decided to try Google Web Designer. I had some problems with the first attempt, so this time, I coded the CSS content and some other bits myself. The problem I am stuck on now is where I want a spritesheet animation to change play direction with a click event. I recreated the problem in a small project: This is the outcome When Reverse is clicked, I created a function event which adds reverseplay="" to the element which is a boolean attribute. When I add this in the HTML, then run it, it works, it changes the direction of the animation. But when I change it dynamically, it doesn't work. So how do you guys work around this kind of screen/GUI update problem? To test if changing a different attribute works, I dynamically change loopcount="1" to loopcount="2", which works fine. So the Loop = 2 button makes the animation loop twice. I appreciate any help with this; If you need to know anything else about the project, just ask. Thanks
  3. Hello there! This year I've discovered the js13kgames competition and I've decided to find some time and give it a try! It has been really challenging and I've learned a lot! Unluckily I've discovered the competition a little bit late so I've just had like a week to create my game but in the end I managed to do it in time 2015's theme was "Reversed" so I've decided to create something a little bit crazy, and pretty hard to play: a fast paced survival space shooter in which enemies have the same color of the background. You will have to reverse the background color to reveal hidden enemies, avoid their bullets and survive! It is mobile compatible and here's how to play: - Desktop: arrow keys to move, spacebar to reverse background color. M to toggle mute. - Mobile: tilt device to move, tap to reverse background color. You can play Reverse Ground Battle here: http://js13kgames.com/games/reverse-ground-battle/index.html Here's the source code on GitHub: https://github.com/MattiaFortunati/Reverse-Ground-Battle And here's a screenshot: It was my first time using jAllegro and bfxr really saved my time! I had some issues with mobile browsers compatibility but in the end I managed to create this little game with great fun and satisfaction! I'll just leave this here in case you want to play some unusual game, while hoping that the source code can be helpful, too! Have Fun!
  4. I have created a small platform game to try out phaser. I'm having trouble with reversing a sprite when colliding with a specific tile. I have created the map with Tiled and place specific tiles to create an enemy patrol zone. When an enemy (from a group) collides with the tile it should turn around and go in the opposite direction. I'm using the code below. Within the game.create I'm using setTileIndexCallback to trigger the below function. create: function () { // other code here map = this.add.tilemap('level1'); map.addTilesetImage('terrain', 'Tileset'); hogs = this.game.add.group(); enemyHogs = new EnemyHogGroup(this.game, hogs); map.setTileIndexCallback([75,76], this.reverseWalking, hogs, layer);}reverseWalking: function (sprite, tile, other){ console.log("reverse walking - game"); sprite.body.velocity.x *= 1; }The reverseWalking function is outputting to the console, but nothing I try against the sprite is having any effect. Can anyone suggest anything? Any help much appreciated.
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