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Found 4 results

  1. Well, I´m a noob creating games and stuff but currently I'm developing a 2D game. I've designed my principal character but the original images of it are quite big and I need to change its size to add the character to the game. The original images are like 560px x 400px and I need to reduce it to 27px x 20px. How can I do that? I tried this but its useless var character create function() { character = game.add.sprite(100, 150, "main"); character.anchor.setTo(0.5); = "27px"; = "20px"; I´ll be really grateful if you could help me. 🙌
  2. Please post any BabylonJS Toolkit problems/issues you are having
  3. Hey guys! I have a export problem in Unity for my architecture visualization(for web). Everytime I export from Unity for BabylonJS I only get 1 picture where are missing some details like the backgroung or the windows. Here you can see what I want to export: Here are the results of the rendering from the BabylonJS exporter for Unity: - - - And here are my current settings in the BabylonJS exporter for Unity: - Can me anyone help with this problem? :c
  4. Hello! I am having several problems upgrading from version 1.1.3 to 1.1.4. Now I am not able to position some of my sprites in the game when they are created. They always seem to appear at position (0, 0). However, I have a group of sprites that are positioned correctly and I do not understand why. Here's the code from one of my sprites: preloader: this.load.spritesheet ('player', 'assets / character / player-sprite.png', 120, 180); create: this.player =, 400, 'player'); this.player.body.gravity.y = 160; this.player.body.setRectangle (75, 160, 0, 0); this.player.anchor.setTo (0.5, 0.5); As I said, I'm having difficulties in changing version. I'm blocked. Any help would be great. Greetings!