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Found 11 results

  1. At Turbulenz we've worked on a collaborative project with a production company in Japan called Production I.G and Microsoft's IE team. Production I.G. are probably most famous for the Ghost in the Shell series. Their latest TV anime series is called "Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet", and Microsoft approached us to create a WebGL powered mini game with them. The result is "Gargantia: Sky Courier". A mixture of storytelling linked to the series and a realtime arcade flying game. The game is available to try at: http://fly.gargantia.jp/. Microsoft's announcement is here. An article describing
  2. Not quite a finished game showcase - but thought everyone might like to see a WIP gameplay trailer for "The Marvellous Miss Take". "The Marvellous Miss Take" is a pure HTML5 / JavaScript / WebGL game created with the Turbulenz Engine supporting touch, controllers, and mouse input. The game is made with a built-in editor, demonstrated in this video: It'll be online soon to play and checkout. Hope you like it.
  3. Here is a short video demonstration of the in-game editor that Wonderstruck Games are using to create their next HTML5 game - built with the Turbulenz Engine. Check it out:
  4. We've released the latest version of the open source Turbulenz Engine. SDK 0.28.0 is the first major release of 2014. It includes new libraries (GPU particles) and upgrades to old ones (FontManager). There is also support for newly capable browsers (WebGL, IE11) and fond farewell to old way of doing things, not forgetting plenty of fixes. GPU Particle API We are proud to announce a brand new GPU-powered particle system API, designed to simulate and render hundreds of thousands of particles with minimal impact on the CPU. Now you can add pretty particle effects to your games without worryin
  5. Yesterday I did a quick port of the pixi.js bunnymark test to Turbulenz. The original bunnymark test is here: http://www.goodboydigital.com/pixijs/bunnymark/ The Turbulenz port is here: http://jamesaustin.github.io/turbulenz_bunnymark/ Code is here: https://github.com/jamesaustin/turbulenz_bunnymark Interested to know how the perf compares across different browsers / devices. I'm guessing most devices will become GPU bound. (Using a smaller texture 2x2 would allow the app to focus more on CPU + dispatch perf.) Anyone fancy doing ports to three.js and others? Code is pretty trivial.
  6. The question we get asked more than any other is “does the Turbulenz Engine work on mobile?” Specifically how to use the open source Turbulenz Engine on Android and iOS. The current answer ultimately reflects the limitations of the mobile operating systems and their associated browsers. A game created with the Turbulenz Engine depends on the web application platform for execution. The application platform must contains all the parts that the game requires, most importantly a JavaScript engine and implementations of all the JavaScript APIs used (often called HTML5 APIs.) The Turbulenz Engin
  7. The Turbulenz webcast video is now available to watch from either of these places: YouTubeTurbulenz Livestream pageThe session included: Getting setup with the turbulenz_engine open source repository.A brief introduction to using the Turbulenz APIs.A step-by-step walk-through of building a game, combining 2D physics with 3D rendering.A demonstration of the example game on hub.turbulenz.com, playable from desktop and mobile.Q&A with Ian & David from the Turbulenz development team. The example game “Debris Dodger” created during the session has been made available on Github so you can tr
  8. Next week on Tuesday 21st May, Turbulenz will be running a live webcast introducing people to the Turbulenz Engine. Details of the event can be found in the news article:http://news.turbulenz.com/post/50503669601/join-our-live-webcast-introducing-the-turbulenz-html5 We will be streaming the event using Livestream here:https://new.livestream.com/turbulenz/turbulenz-engine-intro If you have questions you would like us to cover during the Q&A, please send them to us ahead of time. There is a comment thread on the Livestream page so you can add them now. Thanks! Ian
  9. Hey folks this was Xploit Games Ludum Dare 26 Jam entry for "Minimalism". The game is called "Enlightenment": "Enlightenment is a 2D game where you throw things out of windows. It was written in HTML5 and WebGL using the Turbulenz engine and should work on any HTML5/WebGL browser. For the best experience we recommend Chrome. All code for the game and the hosting site (other than libraries) were written for the Ludum Dare jam. As a monk, you aspire to the minimalist aesthetic. A house free of clutter is your only desire. You walk the path to enlightenment, free of worldly possessions. But
  10. SDK 0.25.0 has been a long time coming, but we hope it will be a significant step in helping our developers make awesome games. This SDK includes the first public release of TypeScript versions of our libraries. With improved syntax checking and validation using TypeScript should help you streamline your development process and avoid silly bugs and runtime errors down the line. It compiles to JavaScript and works with other existing JavaScript libraries. You don’t need to use TypeScript to use Turbulenz, but we now provide type definitions for all of our libraries, which is just one good rea
  11. In this first of a three-part series, seasoned console developers, formerly of Criterion, describe the process of moving to HTML5 development, discussing the differences between working in C and JavaScript, and explaining dealing with the difficult environment of the browser. Like any platform, HTML5 receives its share of criticism, some valid and some based on rumor or outdated information. However, HTML5 is keenly supported by some of the most successful business leaders in the space, and the games available right now on turbulenz.com are proof that HTML5 is viable for high quality gaming
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