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Found 5 results

  1. Get It Filled 2 Get It Filled 2 is a relaxing puzzle game in which you have to fill all the tiles and finish on the green mark in each level. Along the way new puzzle elements are revealed as well. This is a new and mobile-friendly version of Get It Filled with 30 levels to solve! You can play the game here: Can you solve them all?
  2. Warning : if you play with the Safari browser, you can experiment some weird bugs. I recommend Firefox. Hello everyone. This is my first post on that forum, sorry if I didn't introduce myself, I'm ridiculously shy and I easily feel uncomfortable. So, just to be polite : I'm 26, my name is Franck, I am french and I am dreaming of making video games since I am a child. Well, enough of that, here is my game. No Happiness World. This is my really first game. I used the physics motor Phaser, and the software Tiled to do the level design. I used MSPaint and Gimp to do the design. And everything else is by me, I did it all alone. So ! Let me introduce my game. No Happiness World is an old school typed Metroidvania platformer with ultra minimalist, black and white graphics. You are trapped in an unhappy, lifeless world and try to escape. Caracteristics : MinimalistShort scenarioAbout 20 minutes to clear the game assuming you know the walkthough (else it's longer)A good ending and a bad ending. The good ending is harder to reach and requires to explore everything and to think.Three power-ups, a forth one if you want to reach the good ending.Strong work on the level design.Automatic save when you change level. Save is deleted when you reach an ending. I am a level designer and I am a game developer, I am neither a game music composer nor a game designer. I put all my efforts on the level design, remember that I am alone and this is just my first game, so I can not be experimented. Actually, I have some ideas for further games. You can play it here : I'll submit it elsewhere depending of the feedbacks. Three screenshots (on attached thumbnails) Edit 21h53 : link has changed.
  3. Yo, We almost finished our speed project. Game: Any feedback is welcome especially feedback about art. Usually we create colorful games with detailed art and I am not sure that minimalist art style is ok %). Thank in advance- Konstantin Update. Added star ratings.
  4. Hey folks this was Xploit Games Ludum Dare 26 Jam entry for "Minimalism". The game is called "Enlightenment": "Enlightenment is a 2D game where you throw things out of windows. It was written in HTML5 and WebGL using the Turbulenz engine and should work on any HTML5/WebGL browser. For the best experience we recommend Chrome. All code for the game and the hosting site (other than libraries) were written for the Ludum Dare jam. As a monk, you aspire to the minimalist aesthetic. A house free of clutter is your only desire. You walk the path to enlightenment, free of worldly possessions. But your housemates, they thwart you. They love to buy stuff online. Defenestrate these worldly shackles and attain enlightenment! Controls: A,D - move left and right S,W - aim E - traverse stairs SHIFT - flip held item SPACE - throw Xploit Games is a merry band of three coders and one artist. Some of us work at Turbulenz, some of us don't" Goto: If you like it please vote on the ludum dare page: You can tweet your score from in game so we'd love to know how fast people can play it. You can follow us on twitter: @xploitgames We had a few DNS issues which should be fixed now. Contact us if you're having issues!
  5. Hello everyone I want to show you the game I made for Ludum Dare 26 with the theme Minimalism. I programmed it on Monkey which gave me the advantage to show it on different targets, including html5. About the game: This game is about protecting the cores, called shon, while they are growing up. You have to use your cursor to spawn little spirit bubbles that make the parasites disappear. You have three difficulty levels in which you'll have to protect a different amounts of shon. Technical stuff: Graphics: Photoshop ( just some shadow effect ) for everything else I abused of DrawCircle. Programming: Monkey with no engine. Sounds: GarageBand Music: GarageBand Aprox. Time of development: 12 hours. Screenshots: If you want to try out the game please visit The html5 version: ( Only tested on Chrome ). Greetings!