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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys I am new here and so far i was using GUI game engines to create games.From all back-end testings so far that i done on various programming languages and scripting languages i realised that html5 is best solution for my game development.Now i decided to ditch game engines and learn actual coding in some of the frameworks so my code could be much more cleaner,run faster,have better optimization and quality of the games would overall be better.But this is not just for games,but also for personal reasons because i like to be properly educated instead of using most convenient tools.
  2. Hey guys, I found a really nice blog post made by Ezelia some times ago. I'm believing it could be useful for a lot people developing multiplayers games so i wanted to share it with u . http://ezelia.com/2014/ubuntu-nodejs-varnish-monit Enjoy, and thanks Ezelia
  3. I need to build babylon.js files. Am using Eclipse 4.4 (Luna) on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I built close to the directions on thread: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/7747-contribute-to-bjs-in-javascript/ That thread assumes you are using Windows. The changes I made are that I just installed command-line git from the Ubuntu package repository. I built and installed Node from source (0.10.31). This is because there is a name conflict with the name 'node' in the Ubuntu repository & things are not in the directory tree Gulp expects on linux of '/usr/local'. I changed to the Gulp directory a
  4. I was just surfing developer.ubuntu.com and then I was amazed to see Ubuntu SDK Beta Release post! Ubuntu SDK aims to support HTML5 app development and native theme for them so they have the look and feel of native apps. It is very important in Linux because unlike windows there are like hundreds of popular themes which people use. Like I used a customized theme with feel of OSX and icons of GNOME. Thanks ubuntu for making HTML5 first class citizen. Original Ubuntu SDK Beta release post: http://developer.ubuntu.com/2013/07/ubuntu-sdk-beta-released/
  5. Hey guys New to phaser and this forum, and Ive now run into my first issue! Tonight I've been working though the typescript 'getting started' page, setting up my phaser game-dev environment on Ubuntu 13.04. I have apache2, php and mysql working, with the default test page in /var/www running fine (basically have LAMP setup and running). I'm stuck however, trying to run the hellophaser demo. The canvas comes up as completely black, no logo or anything. Not sure whats gone wrong... Heres how it looks: If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great. I'll keep working at it, to see if I
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