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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, everyone! I am Daniel (programad) Gomes, a 37 years old Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and I want to talk to you about a project of mine. I hope this post do not go against any html5gamedevs rules, if so, please moderators, feel free to delete or move this post. I will never mean to disrespect fellow gamedevs or this community. More than a year ago, I noticed on Facebook gamedev groups a lot of people being bad to newcomers to the wonderful game development world and that really bothered me. Some thougths couldn't get out of my mind: "Why people act like that? Do we really need that behaviour? Are we teaching the newcomers or just putting them down, pushing them away from gamedev, disencouraging them? Is the Facebook social network a good place to discuss gamedev?" After some analysis, I came to some conclusions: Yes, Facebook is really good to newcommers. It is friendly with a really solid workflow on groups mechanism; There are too many user groups on Facebook! I documented at least 20 with more than 5k users; Even those who know about reddit and other communities, just prefer the simplicity of the social network format; There are already really great communities dedicated to gamedev: reddit/gamedev GameJolt;; IndieDB;; Gamasutra; Unity Connect; IndieGo; DevelTeam; iDev Games; This one, html5gamedevs; Existing gamedev communities are great but offer a little too much complication, they are formatted by the creator's wishes, not by the community itself; Existing gamedev communities, don't offer link to other communities; The most famous gamedev communities (GameJolt, are focused on the games, not on the developers themselves; So I decided to start the IndieVisible project. A place where I aim to fix all the above issues, creating a safe place to help people to develop their games. The main characteristics of the project are: Open Source - Anyone can contribute with the code that runs the community. [here is the github repo] ( and the azure devops project; Social Network format - The main workflow is inspired by the biggest social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, wich is friendly to newcommers; Exclusive tools - The code is directed to gamedevs, it is not generic (of course you can fork the project and make a generic social network if you want). The features planned will help more people to develop their games like project management, writer tool, brainstorm, team management, etc; A central hub - It is the ONLY gamedev community that has links to other gamedev communities, acting like a central hub wich you can use to register all your presence on the web as gamedev; Community oriented - There are a mechanism to suggest and vote on ideas for the community, no other community have easy mechanisms to gather feedback and focus the development effort; The main features of the platform are: Social Network - Inspired by the most successfull social networks on the market. It have like, comment, share, etc; Team Management - Members can create teams and invite other members to the team. This month, I will implement the creation of "recruiting teams" to help people that are alone but want some help on their projects. Teams will be able to earn medals and trophies for acomplishments like game jam participation; Brainstorm System - Everyone knows that "idea guy", right? So I am giving voice to those guys; Featured Articles - The main page have a featured caroussel wich shows content featured by the staff based on voting system, in the future, the community will be able to vote to feature articles; Multi-language - All the system is localizable and there is a open translation project on POEditor. Anyone can contribute; Game Jam - There will be a game jam system where you can create game jams or link to other communities' game jams, becoming a central hub even for that purpose; Events/Meetups - Users will be able to add events to the community calendar, helping people to atted to physical meetings where they can expand their network, trade some services and put some faces on the names; Jobs - A place where users can post paid jobs and apply to postions offered; Challenges - Users will be able to post paid/unpaid challenges (art, sound, code, prototype, etc), rate the submissions and maybe, in a future, pay the winner to keep the submitted art. Gamification - Badges, points, achievements and ranks. You can earn stuff and climb the ranks; App Graphics Generator - A mix of Norio's tool and some app icon generator tools like this; Witter tool - A tool to help video game writers keep their story consistent and canon ; Translation tool - Anyone will be able to add some strings, be helped by the community on translations and download the translated final result; Project Management - Inspired by the awesome Hack N Plan and integrated with other system features; Component Scripts - Anyone will be able to share, search and download component scripts; Technical characteristics: CI/CD - The publish pipeline is automated by Azure DevOps so each commit is published almost instantly to the stagint environment and to publish on production, we just need to approve the already tested commit; Cloud-based - The whole system is hosted by windows azure with benefits that only a cloud can offer like geographic distribution, worldwide datacenters, CDN, etc.; Responsive Layout - The website can be used on any screen, any device; Progressive Web App - The layout is responsive and the application is PWA, wich means you can install on your phone and use it just like a native app. There is even a staging environment that people can test new features! The project completed a year on 27th August and I am working a few hours a day, after my daily job. I won't stop to work on this as it is a work of love, I want to contribute on optimizing interaction between gamedevs, connecting newbies with industry pros, improving the gamedev scenario to build better games in less time. I really hope you guys join me on this initiative to improve the gamedev scenario. I will not be naive and think I can migrate everyone to IndieVisible, that is not my goal, my goal is to improve the overall scenario, bring people from different communities together and offer a good service to all of them, specially newcomers. I would really appreciate if you guys visit the IndieVisible and give me some feedback on any subject you find necessary to comment. I have nothing more to add. Best regards, Daniel Gomes
  2. Hi guys, I read about egret engine(chinese engine) a week before and installed it.But i couldn't find any game dev community in english. If there is any community or somebody using it.Please Reply.
  3. Dear community, I would like to introduce you all to KittieFIGHT; our game built with pixiejs and spine. Its a blockchain game that uses the Ethereum platform and kittens from CryptoKitties collectible platform. In KittieFIGHT you can fight your collectible cryptoKitties win tokens & ETH. Yes you win cash for scheduling and fighting cryptoKitties collectibles. Then you buy more cute furry #cryptokitties NFT with the cash you earned. Our website : Follow us on twitter : Follow us on Reddit : Blog :
  4. Dear community, I would like to introduce you all to KittieFIGHT; our game built with pixiejs and spine. Its a blockchain game that uses the Ethereum platform and kittens from CryptoKitties collectible platform. In KittieFIGHT you can fight your collectible cryptoKitties win tokens & ETH. Yes you win cash for scheduling and fighting cryptoKitties collectibles. Then you buy more cute furry #cryptokitties NFT with the cash you earned. Our website : Follow us on twitter : Follow us on Reddit : Blog :
  5. Hi all, I'm a newbie at panda js and pixi js and I want to try using lesser-panda for my project because it look like lesser-panda still maintained. I got several problem that need to be discuses to. Is there any lesser-panda community for me to have some question and discussion? Thank you
  6. So I just had kinda a cool idea would anyone be interested in trying out a game of telephone on the playground with who ever becomes active on this thread. Bassically it would go like this. We vote first on a inspiration word that is the only information we all have in common on the project. We establish a quick order of turns for participants and then from there start going down the list. The person who's turn it is gets to add a certain amount of lines (well establish that later) and modify a certain amount of lines then post the link to the playground on this thread for the next person to take their turn. The other rules would be no comments on your code and no hints to why you added it. The person who's turn it is, will have figure that out and continue the project how ever they see fit. when you submit the playground link for your turn there can be no compiler errors this means if you have to not finish your function so an error does not drop then that's just what it is, let's hope the next person picks up your flow. the end result being, hell I don't know... Any takers?
  7. Hi all! I was just reading Ten top tips for developing HTML5 games and discovered this forum so I figured I'd "PLUG" our HTML5 game. is a free social game where people take turns DJing new music or videos for each other. It's basically a real-time chat room with synchronized music streaming powered by YouTube & SoundCloud content. Everyone in the community has an avatar that dances when you Woot (i.e. up-vote) the currently playing track. It's a great way to not only share music you love, but also to discover great new music since it's curated by real people from people around the world. Direct game link here: Would love to hear any optimization tips you have on how to improve sprite performance. We already cap avatar rendering to 200 per community (although you can have thousands of people in the community simultaneously, we only draw up to 200). We're monetizing the game through in-app avatar upgrades and other experience-enhancements. Here's another screenshot of the store. All feedback welcome!
  8. Hey guys, We're a small danish company called Kunju Studios who love games and have previously worked on tools for gamers and game developers. Over the past months we have been working on a way to put the work and ideas of indie game developers in the spotlight. What we’ve come up with is Epocu. Envisioned to be a hub for upcoming games and game concepts, Epocu offers developers a unique opportunity to test their ideas and assumptions before investing time in it. Upon presenting the idea, developers can set up the interest goal to see if they can achieve the critical mass of people interested in their game concept. Once the interest goal you set up is achieved, a message of your choice will be shared through the social media of your supporters at the time you think you would benefit most from the buzz and attention it deserves. We hope you will check it out and help us make the platform that the indie game development deserves. Epocu is completely free to use and it always will be, in hopes that the attention created helps you find investors, a fanbase as well as lay down a solid foundation for a kickstarter campaign. If you’re interested to learn more about us, you can check it out in more detail here. Feel free to leave us your feedback or suggestions in the comments; we will do our best to answer you as soon as possible! :-)