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Found 7 results

  1. Since GODOT does everything that Phaser does but with greater facilitaton as well as more quickly and with great easiness and much much less effort blood and tears. Why to use phaser any more?
  2. Pretty good engine I think!
  3. hi everyone, im wondering if when i end a level i should call a method to destroy and collect garbage variables to free memory and resources in a game. do you often do that? and how do you do it? thanks
  4. When I first came into contact with Pixi, I was like "Yes! An easy way to create games without learning too much". I was also able to write my own wrapper to run the game from a very basic web service in a local desktop application in Windows. I am concerned however that the power of HTML5 games my be a bit more restricted than what I first thought. My computer is quite fast, I can run most games released in the last 2 years on max graphics and still maintain 60 fps. I have still only experimented with the basics of this, but wanted to see if anyone can save me a lot of research time. So my questions are: Are HTML5 games (using Pixi) capable of running as full screen games for desktop at a reasonable speed compared to desktop specific games? What are the limitations? Even though an HTML5 game can not interact with the graphics card on a computer outside of what a web browser feeds it, is there any way to open up the computer's full resources through any existing wrappers or something similar? Thanks for your time reading this and I appreciate any feedback.
  5. Hi Collection with resources and tools for creating assets used in games: graphics, sounds, video, maps and others. Game Assets Thanks!
  6. Hi Collection with resources for develop games using HTML5, Javascript and WebGL. Some resources can be used for general game development. HTML5 Game Development Thanks!
  7. Maybe somethings could useful - Game sources/examples - HTML5 sources/examples