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HTML5 Game Engine Tutorial


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My name is Pavel I have started a series of Tiled Game Engine posts and will update it weekly if possible and will share my experiences and knowledge i learn wile making MMO RPG during several years of development as indie.
I'll cover creation of Javascript based game engine from the ground, how to work with new API of HTML5, like XMLHttpRequest2, WebWorkers, WebSockets and etc. Several design patterns will be covered from performance and memory usage perspective.
Currently Tiled Game Engine can works with tiled map of 1500x1500 dimension, more than 100 animated units on the screen simultaneously and more than 1000 units off-screen.
The source code of that engine will be available on GitHub.


Part 1: Game Loop

Part 2: Stages, Assets and Loading Stage


Hope not only to share my expertise, but get your feedbacks if any.

Best regards,
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you wrote that the source code will be available on github.  Will it be available at the end ?  I didn't see it.  Could be great to see the modifications at each iteration.  I could put a watch on the repository.



Hi, code samples available on github now: https://github.com/elvariongh/tutorial


Also, you can follow changes on the tutorial home page: http://www.elvarion.com/works/tiled-game-engine-tutorial/


Probably it's better to reorganize github repository structure, so changes can be visible through diff. I'll think about it.

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Well, some short post about user interaction and animation performance. In any game we need some actions from user and, in the same time, we have to run our animation loop with constant frame rate. In that post I'll cover some techniques how to do  that with minimum impact on frame rate with respect to browser internals: throttle and requestAnimationFrame in hands.


HTML5 Optimization tips: throttle input and requestAnimationFrame

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