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What's the plan of make app by babylon.js?


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Hi MasterK

     Sorry that nobody has answered, yet.  Were you able to get information from other places?  (maybe on the web?)  I hope so.

I wish I could help, but I have no experience with app containers/packaging.  There is a chap named @c75 who recently built a wonderful demo using something called "webpack".  The source code for that demo, along with a cool DNA viewer... is here:  https://github.com/avin

C75 looks SO MUCH like Arnold Schwarzenegger, eh?  ;)

Anyway, maybe you can find some information there, and/or perhaps smarter people than I... will comment soon.

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@meteoritool, did you find a solution for this? I'm looking to create a CocoonJS app using Canvas+ and BabylonJS, and will need audio. However I will also need the Canvas2D UI system which seems a little buggy inside Cocoon.

I guess for the audio thing, you can use another library like HowlerJS that falls back to HTML5 audio.


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Hi !

I never really could go much further, in spite of the huge amount of things learnt thanks to the framework and community. The more I learn, the more complex it becomes >_<.

About the audio, there is this tool : https://howlerjs.com

I don't know much about it and it could get complicated when it comes to positional audio, etc ... looks interesting and easy to set up though !

Hope I helped you =)

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