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Hey everyone, i am new in this forum and also new to HTML5 games industry, i posting this here cause i was kinda lost in this forum and google researches, what really made me lost are articles and posts on forums which are out of dated, and things probably changed since then.

i am a game developper since a while now and i have already made several cool games using game engines , which export to HTML of course after some code adjusting, and now i want to know how can i find offers or who to contact to publish my games on revenu sharing websites, or maybe even sell a non-exclusive version to some websites.

i will show you guys some screenshots of my games, and tell me if my level is good enough for the market, and whats the next step i must do:

Thanks for the help




12084171_10203964106942855_1172573159_n (1).jpg

12517066_984175191674053_1318979554_o (1).jpg

wp_ss_20160302_0001.jpgSans titre.jpg

Sans titre2.jpg




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I've seen people ask for offers in the game show case, with some interest shown.

There's a sponsor forum that opens when you get somewhere between 5 or 12 posts(not sure).

True Valhalla's book has some tips(A good amount of stuff in one place and in one writing voice, but with something that people love the argue the value about with the vocal-ness of the Internet), though everyone can get some value with his publisher analysis(about a paragraph for each company, if they require localization, countries they work from, if they'll want to distribute games to other portals).   


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thanks for your reply permith, so you think that my next step is to start looking for sponsors by my self on the internet ? does my work look enough for that yet ? 

and i will publish in the game showcase more details about each game i guess


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