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Cloth simulation using babylon's physics engine


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Hi guys, 

I just finished a new tutorial about cloth-simulation using the new physics architecture. Thought you might like to read:


If you have any questions or I missed something (or something is not clear), give me a shout!



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Good question. maybe I should have explained why it happens :)

This cannot be avoided. The problem is that the connection between the particles is a straight line, and the sphere is... round :) so the sphere goes "through" the cloth.

You can avoid this by:

1) setting lower zOffset in your material

2) making the sphere less round :)

3) setting subdivisions to a very high number (which will result in low performance).

4) understanding that this is somehow acceptable ;) 

The best solution would be to set the ground's subdivisions to a high number, but only setting impostors where you think the sphere will hit. But this is a complex task. If any of you want to do that, it would be great if you share a playground!

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