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slay.one - Multiplayer Top Down Shooter

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Hey, check out my new game "slay.one"



Its a multiplayer top-down shooter with pixel art graphics. Its free and requires no registration so you can play straight away.

Its still in developement, but perfectly playable. It plays a bit like classic shooters like UT or Q3, with the difference of beeing top-down instead of 1st person of course. You run around in an arena, pick up ammo and health kits and shoot enemy players.

Currently there are 3 game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and CTF and a bunch of maps for each mode. There are also abilities and attributes which you can pick to customize your character.

Id love to get some feedback and of course i can answer any questions.


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Good game and graphics. I was able to play against someone else for a short time, and it was pretty fun. The lighting and effects were really nice as well. One thing I noticed is that the camera is a little jerky when I move the cursor around the screen. I would make the camera movement a little bit slower or just reduce the amount of movement altogether. 

Also, what do you use to host the server, and what do you use to code the server? (NodeJS, etc...)

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Amazing.... I have a feeling this will get big.

I love the firefly effect (glowing pixels) that float. I've always wondered how those are done.

One recommendation is an option in the settings to adjust the camera movement speed, it seems really fast.

Edit: These skill effects are incredible. The homing rockets and their explosion is insane. 

Edit2: The sniper is really fun aswell... :D

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Man, this really looks great.

I find changing weapons to be way too slow (you first have to wait for the weapon to change, then for the cooldown) which usually feels like an eternity and that it should be faster (at least 2x fast).

I didn't get what the jump is for? I tried jumping over barrels but that's not possible.

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16 hours ago, jbs said:

what exactly does it say? I was uploading a small patch before, maybe you were trying to access while it was uploaing and somethign got fucked up. Try again, should definetly work now.

Tried it again, I am now getting a screen with no background. I think it's just slow internet on my side and the page can't load.

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