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Phaser Editor 1.2.0 released with great new stuff


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I am pleased to announce a new Phaser Editor release.

Finally the game level visual editor is available for you to play with it and create some games. It is a preview version but yet powerful enough to make the scenes of many games.

In addition we introduced a new method to update the editor with the last Phaser build. It means, each time Phaser is released you will be able to easy update the components of the editor that are linked to the Phaser source and metadata.

Just take a look to the release notes!


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On 6/25/2016 at 6:49 PM, WombatTurkey said:

Is there a script editor window as well? (Inline scripting) Just curious, this looks amazing, great update.

I don't know what you mean with inline scripting but well... the scene `Scene1.canvas` is compiled into `Scene1.js`, you can open that with the JavaScript editor of Phaser Editor and edit the content there. Actually you can dock the JS editor to any corner or drag it away the main window, to create a single window with the JS editor.

In the tutorial you can see how I edit the compiled source. You can insert new code in certain protected sections, between the comments:

/* post-init-begin */

// insert your code here

/* post-init-end */


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