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Found 4 results

  1. Updated August 31, 2016 A new version of Phaser Editor is available! Take a look! --- Hi, I invite you to check this PREVIEW video about Canvas, the Phaser Editor scene builder that is in development. In the video we show how you can create the scene objects by dragging the assets shown in the Assets explorer, the texture atlas previews and the sprite-sheet previews (it was funny to discover that a texture atlas could be a nice "sprite palette"). We think this is a natural behavior that will increase your productivity since it uses the same elements you are familiar with. We want to build an editor from the bottom to the top: We implemented a powerful asset manager, based on the Phaser Asset Pack format. Asset packers like the texture atlas and the audio sprites generators. A Preview window that is able to visualize those assets in a way that helps the user to get a quick feedback of the kind of objects she is using in her game. A JavaScript editor that understands the assets of your game, and helps the user to write the asset keys and provides popup windows with useful information and visual (and echoing) feedback. And now an scene builder that takes advantage of the asset pack and the Preview windows. When the scene builder gets ready and stable, then we will focus on the objects of the scene, and provide more specialized editors for aspects like tweens, sprite-sheet animations, physics and emitters, to mention some of them. Our gold rule: stick to vanilla Phaser concepts, models and formats, we do not want the user to learn new stuff, we want to reuse what he already knows about Phaser, the same names, the same structures, and we want he to learn something that applies even outside our editor, because it is just Phaser after all. Well.. it was a long talk :-) I let you with the video. Any idea about the scene builder or whatever other thing, is more than welcome. Updated June 25, 2016 Video updated with the last version of the scene editor.
  2. Hi, I am pleased to announce a new Phaser Editor release. Finally the game level visual editor is available for you to play with it and create some games. It is a preview version but yet powerful enough to make the scenes of many games. In addition we introduced a new method to update the editor with the last Phaser build. It means, each time Phaser is released you will be able to easy update the components of the editor that are linked to the Phaser source and metadata. Just take a look to the release notes!
  3. Hello, I am the author of Phaser Chains (http://phaserchains.boniatillo.com http://phaser.io/chains) and now I want to present to you my last work: *Phaser Editor*. http://phasereditor.boniatillo.com (it is a desktop editor) (This editor was announced in phaser.io (by the Phaser authors) with the title "A complete Phaser editor with powerful features". ) General JavaScript editors are good for Phaser because the Phaser simplicity but I see the need of something more dedicated: - Project and file creation wizards. - Coding assistance (type inference, auto-completion of the API, doc hovers, preview). - Integrated and quick help. - Integrated web server for easy testing. - Assets manager (following the official Phaser Asset Pack format). - Assets packers (image and audio atlas). - Keep it simple enough that you can develop your big game but also test any other code snippet or example of the many Phaser tutorials in the internet. - Transparency: there is not any other layer, wrapper or plug-in on top of Phaser: I do not want to hide Phaser, I want you to learn it. - Tooling: with the time I would like to integrate common developing tasks into the editor, for example, right now it is implemented an Optimize PNG images, but I want more. - The name is Phaser Editor but my goal is a Phaser IDE ;-) How am I doing it? I am building Phaser Editor on top of one of the leaders platforms of the programming industry: the Eclipse platform, specially, the Eclipse Web Tools. If you know the Eclipse ecosystem you will feel very comfortable in Phaser Editor, if you don't know Eclipse yet, I think this is the moment for you to go with it ;-) Eclipse is very popular in the Java world, but it is also popular to develop with other programming language (javascript, python, php, C, etc...) because it can be extended and customized for a specific technology. The Eclipse workbench is full of features and a plenty of third plug-ins going from color themes and Git integration to cordova based tools for mobile development, and all of them can be installed (or integrated in a future) in Phaser Editor. The Eclipse Web Tools, specially the JavaScript Development Tools (http://wiki.eclipse.org/JSDT), are a very good piece of software, the most I like is the type inference engine, that in the case of Phaser Editor it is customized to give a much better experience with the Phaser API. So take a look to a demo video. Download and try it yourself: http://phasereditor.boniatillo.com To run it first you should install the Java runtime (JRE 8 64bits), then execute the PhaserEditor.exe file. In a future a I will give the option to bundle the JRE together with the product and make it available also for the others operating systems supported by Eclipse (linux, osx). Check the list of features What's next? This is only a preview, but in dependence of your very valuable feedback I will release it sooner or later. Right now I am working on complete some features introduced in Phaser 2.4.3 and writing the user guide. Suscribe to our mailing list and we notify you when the final product (or a major update) is ready (I am not going to explode your inbox) Thanks, Arian Update 2015/10/29: Phaser Editor RC release, read post.
  4. Game Builder is a new platform for instant game development straight from your phone. Making mobile games with this app is simple, just import your own graphics/audio/animations; Get instant feedback from players; Publish to all major app stores. You can apply here for Beta: http://www.gamebuilder.io/?kid=61GTK
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