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Performance in HTML5 Games


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Hello guys!


Well i'm a Web Developer front-end based, and i'm  starting to learn more javascript to start dev my first HTML5 Game, and i have this Question about performance in mind:


~Native Apps can use hardware acceleration because they have more access to device, can use video card or something else, the graphic/performance quality of ipad games are an example

We can get some hardware acceleration developing an HTML5 Game? we can dev some game like Eternity Warriors 2 of ipad or something with sprites like King Of Fighters series using HTML5/JS/CSS3?~


I'm really interested, someone can talk a bit about this?


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Are you talking about HTML5 wrapped in something like CocoonJS or just a web HTML5 game ?


For web it all depends on the browsers feature, webgl, WebAudio Api, 2dcanvas acceleration and so on. HTML5 game will probably lack performance of native app like 25%-50%. It all depends on your game.


If you want smooth 2d animation you might want to explore Spriter or Spine.


If you want to sell it to Google Play or App Store then you should explore CocoonJS which should increase your game performance alot.



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Hi @Tumira!


i don't know what is wrapped HTML5, i did not know CocoonJS appears look totally amazing!!

I did not know Spriter and Spine, look amazing too! i will go test these tools thank you *-*


So, my goal is to develop my first platform html5 game2D on this vacation, and i want to use sprites and probably will be a web app for firefoxOS :) 


Thank you for all tips o/

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Data/object pooling is a matter of having your engine create and keep a certain amount of objects/instances at runtime instead of deleting them and creating new instances from scratch. It just means that you want to make the way your code handles objects as efficient as possible (at least I think ;) ).




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