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I'm back


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Hi all!

First of all, sorry for being away for months. I was forced to move to a new project, away from HTML5 and Panda development. After last year i really felt that it was a wrong decision for me, so i have now decided to quit my job and continue as a freelancer.

So i will now continue to work on Panda 2, HTML5 game development and other small projects. It will take some time to get all things sorted out and get my head back to HTML5, so please be patient. Thanks!

Good to see you all again, and this time i'm here to stay ;)


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Good to have you back enpu, this is REALLY good news for the panda community! :)

Personally I am still a big fan and a heavy user of the panda game engine. Within 2 months i am hoping te release my first big project that includes more than 25 panda games.

So great that you are continuing your work on Panda!!!!

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Hey! Nice to see you back with the motivation to make Panda great again!

Once you left I had started to code my own 2D engine, feel free to checkout the code if you want. Well that's not as well designed as Panda.js, but it has some features Panda doesn't has (mouse support, mouse selection, etc :p)

Again, welcome back here at html5gamedevs ! :)


ThanosS aka. SkyzohKey

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Hi @enpu

First of all, awesome to see you back and I completely understand the reasons behind your absence!

At the same time, this makes me quite sad, as I had to move away from Panda in order to get work done :( (I thought the project was dead).

I love your engine and can't wait to see what you do with it.

I'll see if I can come back to use Panda for a project or two in the future.

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Welcome back Enpu.  Can't wait to see what you make of Panda V2 -- in the meantime, would you be up for some Panda consulting?  I have a particularly time sensitive issue around scaling.  Specifically, I having a heck of a time getting a game to scale while in landscape orientation on mobile browsers Safari, Chrome, and Facebook's built-in browser (on their mobile app).  Up for a chat? gord123 gmail com

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