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5 Things to Avoid in HTML5 Game Development

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Check out my latest article on Firenibbler's Blog! Tell me what you think and help me further refine it for future users. It's geared mostly towards new HTML5 game developers and such, so if you have anything to add that you think other people should know, leave it in the comments section of the article.


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Good article, good points and altough like @True Valhalla said they're a bit generic we all need these reminders because most of us tend to break them - unrealistic scopes, no planning, etc. I specially agree with the storyboard - in my case that's Photoshop - I don't write a line of code until I haven't some mockup game concept done. I know a lot of people skipping this process and working from the head exclusively which is a mistake IMO. 

I'll also like to see some unique content on your blog - personal stories about dev, technical post mortems about some challenging games/effects, certain workflows that work well for you (software you use, how you use it, etc). 

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Thanks for the feedback @True Valhalla and @scheffgames I will keep it in mind, part of the reason I kept it more generic and about more general game development is because I have lots of readers that use more then just HTML5, and even if it is labeled as HTML5 I try and make my content more all inclusive. 

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