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How to Completely Dispose a mesh on collision detection?


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To dispose a mesh


For create sphere

var sphere = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateSphere("sphere", 16, 2, scene);

Use sphere.intersectsMesh(ground, false) for to detect the collision with the ground

Exemple :

var ground = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateGround("ground1", 6, 6, 2, scene);
var sphere = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateSphere("sphere", 16, 2, scene);

if(sphere.intersectsMesh(ground, false))
    sphere.dispose(); // dispose sphere
    sphere = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateSphere("sphere", 16, 2, scene);// create again sphere


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Yep, well said, @Dad72

And for materials, there is also a dispose()

But I THINK (speculate)... that if you create a replacement material, and then set mesh.material = replacementMaterial... that will replace the previous material. 

Then, I think the JS garbage collection (GC) system... will dispose the old material for you

(Clear ALL variables and properties of "references-to" the old material... when you are finished using it.) 

Not sure about the GC situation, though.  Test/read to verify.  Hope this helps.

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I think there is a difference between the title and the content of the thread.

I think he means only the material, although the title says otherwise.

So in @Dad72's example, instead of creating a new sphere, create a new material and either dispose the old one, or let the GC do the job (Something I have absolutely No knowledge of).

Would saying oldmaterial = ""; be enough, assuming you don't have other references to the material?

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