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Best engine for mobile webview


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Hello everybody!

I hope you are having a fantastic day!

Our team wants to start making simple HTML5 games for our Android / IOS apps. 

Games are supposed to be ran inside the WebView. 

We are looking for a very lightweight engine, because there is already ads placed at the bottom of the screen in our apps.

Our first attempt was Phaser.js, but the performance wasn't the greatest inside the WebView. Choppy sprite movements, common fps drops and so on.

If you guys know an engine that could help us achieve the goal, please let me know!

Thank you in advance! :)

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4 hours ago, bruno_ said:

Try to use crosswalk webview.

Not sure this is going to help. Correct me if I am wrong, crosswalk is used to turn web apps into native applications, so that they could be uploaded to Play Store / App Store. In my case, we already have an app, within which we are planning to launch our game.

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6 hours ago, spinnerbox said:

Crosswalk embeds Chromium engine inside your app, so that is why it will work faster. Adds additional 20MB to the file.

Sadly Crosswalk version 23 will be last.

Read with interest.  I think this is great news as it's the official nod that Crosswalk is (or shortly will be) redundant.  What used to cost 20MB-40MB is effectively available for 0MB on modern devices (since Android 4.4 iirc).  Thanks Crosswalk, and farewell.

Now if only iOS defaulted to wkwebview.

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Crosswalk will disappear because starting in android 7, the webview uses the same libraries as Chrome. So, crosswalk would be an older version than the default webview.

As for ios, the wkwebview has also good performance. So crosswalk is once again redundant.

But for now, it's still useful to use it, to support older versions of android.

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