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How to package html5 games for mobile?


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I have seen some games on Android Play Store that are like 3 or 4MB in size with good performance and others are over 40MB with almost the same amount of graphics contents.

Can anyone point me to resource(s) where I can learn about packaging tools and comparisons. I think I need to learn that stuff before planning and starting a project. What do you use yourself for mobile phones?


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For Android using xwalk is likely redundant for 5.0 and above. You can create 2 versions, 1 using xwalk (up to 19) and another one with native webview (21+) so most users would get a small binary but can still provide the remaining users with performance benefits running xwalk. I used this approach on my latest game.

Taking advantage of multiple APKs support : https://developer.android.com/google/play/publishing/multiple-apks.html

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Are you talking about seeing web-based games on the play store with low binary sizes?

I don't know about exact sizes but bundling web tech into a native platform is always going to result in larger (usually far larger) bundle sizes.

Although given some of the games on my phone (big games) are over 1GB in size, I'm not sure 40MB is a problem at all.

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