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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I have seen some games on Android Play Store that are like 3 or 4MB in size with good performance and others are over 40MB with almost the same amount of graphics contents. Can anyone point me to resource(s) where I can learn about packaging tools and comparisons. I think I need to learn that stuff before planning and starting a project. What do you use yourself for mobile phones? Thanks
  2. Hi everybody, i would like any info regarding tools that can package HTML5 web apps to native (preferably) and hybrid mobile apps (Android and iOS are the two platforms i would like to target). My main concern is to find which tools can render canvas (WebGL also would be great) contents on a native OpenGL stage, in order to get the best mobile performance. Now, from my research i found that only - Cocoon.io (formerly known as CocoonJS) can build and package a HTML5 Canvas (and WebGL) app to a native mobile (Both Android and iOS). If you want to target iOS only you can also use - Ejecta I also realize that, - PhoneGap, - The Crosswalk Project and - Apache Cordova(?) use WebView, which means that they package your app with a browser window, so performance wise, they are pretty similar with how your app looks when run in a mobile browser. Some other tools, for which i haven't figured out on how they handle canvas/webgl objects include : - Game Closure - The Electron framework - Intel XDK - Appcelerator So i would like any extra info, on other tools, or experiences using the aforementioned tools. Since i have never used any of it, i might have misundestood some things, so feel free to correct me, and expand the list if you will. It would be a nice reference for everyone. Thanks and have a good one! p.s. Literally any insight on the process of porting a web app to mobile is useful, especially anything about canvas performance on mobile.
  3. Hello, The sample assets and index file is nice and all, but it should be part of a separate nuget package, not part of the core BabylonJS package. That would make things much clearer sharing integration, with BabylonJS dependency, into the rest of the application. I can "workaround" it for the moment by packaging only the Babylon bits from my integration package, which momentarily has a dependency on Babylon,JS for instance. Thank you... Regards, Michael Powell
  4. Hello All, I wrote a walk through on how to setup Grunt to automatically concatenate/minify your phaser game so you can be ready for testing/deployment. Take a look at it here: http://www.orbitalgamestudios.com/blog/concatenate-and-minify-your-phaser-code/ Let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns! Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone I have just started playing with phaser, and I am using sublime for it, so what are your favorite sublime packages? and what other IDE you suggest? Thanks
  6. After speaking with the guys from the pixi.js GitHub repo I've gone ahead and created a pixi.js Nuget package. Here's the web link: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Pixi.js. To install the package just type: Install-Package Pixi.jsInto the Nuget package manager console. Or you can always use the GUI. For those unfamiliar with Nuget, it's essentially Visual Studio's package manager. You can get it and learn more here (it's baked into VS2012+). This should allow people to get pixi.js with ease and also allow other libraries that use Nuget to take dependencies on the Pixi.js library to promote more open source goodness .
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