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Hello all i want to present you my new project, It's a Web CAD (It will be in the future :D ) for the moment it's more a viewer.

For the moment i am focusing to include the most common features of BabylonJs.

Here a capture of the current state


As you can see it allows to see the loaded object structure, in the tree you can hide or show or allow wireframe to the a specific object, in addition you have the global actions that will be applied for all meshes.

The application also has a custom context menu


Here the Prefab creation section



Here what i call the compound objects Mode (CSG Balybon plugin)



I implemented a 3D section mode also (Still contains some bugs :D )



For the moment the Import is hard coded i don't have yet a server side implementation, this is the next step.

The toolbar contains some other options like remove, clone mirror a mesh, change camera views, and camera behavior on selection.


Your feed backs are all welcome (Positive or negative), any ideas are welcome too.

Here the link to the project on github you can try it your self :)


And here the source code


And thxs for this nice BabylonJs framework ;)



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Hello @aFalcon,

Currently i'm focusing on GLTF loading, it's working but i got regressions in many functionalities due to structure and parent/child transformations (for obj it should work perfectly).

Mesh editing is the most important module i think, both in vertices and surface levels. It will be really nice if you have something already done, i'm not trying to do all by myself, if anything is already existing it will be better.

Also the same for save and export functionalities.

Just one thing i'm trying to make the application stable and reliable. i don't want to publish something that will contain any bugs, that's why i prefer to do not publish it right now to babyblon front page until i reach a good maturity level.

If you want you can be part of the project on github.

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